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    Who is 505 Games and how did the console port come to be?
    505 Games are a global publisher of videogames. We are huge fans of Terraria and approached Andrew to bring it to console.

    What is Redigit's involvement with the console port?
    We want to make sure everything we do is true to the Terraria world and has his blessing. So he sees everything we do and want to do.

    What will the price be?
    1200 MP's and $14.99

    What will the release date be?
    We are in the submission process at Sony and MSFt, so we hope release is just a matter of weeks away and even sooner than that if we are lucky :)

    Will Terraria be coming to other platforms?
    We’ve announced that we’re working on PSN and XBLA currently but would love to expand the Terraria audience.

    Will there be multiplayer?
    Yes - Online and offline multiplayer is confirmed and will be easier than ever before! The console version will support 8 players online at once...and local split-screen will be up to 4 players! (HD Only)

    Will the PC version be updated with new content?
    505 Games does not own the rights to the PC version, so we're unable to answer any questions relating to updates for it. We're not evading the issue; we are just not the publisher for that version and cannot speak on their behalf.

    How will the controls work?
    It’s a top priority for us to ensure the transition is as smooth as possible -The controller configuration is one of the most important things for us, so we’ve been working non-stop to get it working really nicely. Check out IGN's tutorial walkthrough for more info.

    What will the new content be?
    Lots of new content info in here!

    How do you feel about the modding community remaking any console exclusive content for PC?
    The mod community has been a great benefit to Terraria on PC and we love that the game has such passionate fans—though as with many other console titles, there are some very real technical (and legal) limitations that prevent modding to flourish in the same way on other platforms. As to whether PC modders could take the console content back to PC—sadly there are a lot of hurdles prohibiting us from officially sanctioning that kind of activity.

    Will the final update/patch/bug fix be released?
    We’re working on ports for XBLA and PSN only, so we are unable to answer this question.
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