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  1. Hi terracomuniti
    im here to present you my very first map :p
    ok :
    this is a mimic farm map,tired of not finding your acesori?i got the solution for it!
    Tools Used: itemariaplus,TEdit,Cheat Engine(whenever i build i like to do things clean >.<)
    Yield: 1-2 mimics/5 minutes(using the batel pots+water candle gived in the chest from pic.1)
    the spawn:[​IMG]
    and the farm itself:[​IMG]
    [[click img for full size!!]]
    oh,a question: does anyone know any upload site at which i can upload .7z and .rar? because the upload a File option can only take .zip(which i dont own,and i had to download test version...)

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  2. Shaun

    Shaun Dark Caster

    Not very effective I'd have to say, if you're only getting 1-2 every 5min. During a single blood moon on the surface (using 2xwater candle and 2xbattle potion), I was getting 20-30+ in a single night.
    You must be losing a lot of spawns to trapped mobs somewhere (hole large enough to spawn, but enough to trap them from reaching you).
  3. if its blod moon the cing goes crazy lol
  4. wrugoin

    wrugoin Green Slime

    1 to 2 mimic every 5 minutes is pretty accurate. I ran it for 30 minutes WITHOUT a blood moon, coming back every 5 to apply a new battle potion. I got 7 mimics total.


    Sorry, make that 9. I didn't notice that two of the drops went to my hotbar instead of inventory
  5. g4m3rfr33k

    g4m3rfr33k Green Slime

    I had to post... I downloaded the map and it works, slowly... but works....

    My second mimic that spawned had given me an Armored Cross Necklass (got a Titan's Glove from the first)...

    However I think it was just pure luck, but I like this as a farm, gave me quite a bit of money and the item i was looking for!!!!!! Thank you for the download! High Five!


    I continued with the farm for a few moments, gave me a second one... 3 mimics, two cross necklaces!!!
  6. Deude Kronsim

    Deude Kronsim Green Slime

    I edited the crud out of this map. Hopefully this will maximize the spawns

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  7. moosemunch

    moosemunch Doctor Bones

    I'm gonna try this someday.
    I am using this right now and I have found NO mimics at all, no matter how long I wait

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