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Discussion in 'PC' started by Phiffuflaver, Oct 6, 2013.

  1. Phiffuflaver

    Phiffuflaver Green Slime

    so i searched about 1-2 hours in my jungle for the damn pink plant and i couldn't find it.
    i searched in another world too, but i just cant find it,
    are there any tactics to find plantera?(and yes i am in hardmode and have killed a hardmode boss)
    thx for answers
  2. worldofhabbo1

    worldofhabbo1 Cursed Man

    well search for a small pink light
  3. BigBoogerBot

    BigBoogerBot Dark Caster

    Open the map and look for places you haven't been. Also you can find the plants on the map. Small pink things that say Plantera bulb when you hover over it.

    Also some speculation that killing bosses increases the number bulbs.
  4. P.T.G

    P.T.G Corruptor

    ^I believe it does. Also if your world is 1.1 and you killed a boss before the update, it won't work-beat another one.
  5. Balduran

    Balduran Frankenstein

    The easiest and least time consuming way to find it, is to search on the map - Plantera's Bulb is a pink 2x2 pixel square, if your world has Mithril instead of Orichalcum, finding it will be a lot easier.

    Be warned - Because of the random, claustrophobic nature of the environment, this fight will can be very difficult, almost to the point of feeling unfair. As with all bosses, remember to always fight them on your own terms.
    In the case of Plantera, one thing to keep in mind is that it won't despawn on the surface, so once you find the plant, just make a vertical shaft up, and lead it up, where you can fight it using a platform out of its reach.

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