First Terraria Desktop Background (1024x768)

Discussion in 'Art' started by Jattpanda, May 2, 2011.

  1. Jattpanda

    Jattpanda Green Slime

    This is a quick background I threw together using some images I was able to find. Enjoy :3
    Please feel free to leave your opinions, ideas to improve upon this, and suggestions for further backgrounds that I may do.
    Note: If you want it in a different size, please leave a post and I will send you a link to get that size :D Terraria.png
    Edit: Sorry for the misguiding name, I was unaware that there have been several backgrounds before me. Just a large error on my part :\
  2. Griffin

    Griffin Green Slime

    I posted this in another thread but whatever.
  3. Jattpanda

    Jattpanda Green Slime

    Oh sorry. Then it's the first with Terraria content in it? xD
  4. cut84li4e

    cut84li4e Green Slime

    Love it, must have :3
  5. Ashkin

    Ashkin Green Slime

    There has in fact been desktops before this, even, I believe. Sorry, but you're not first.
  6. Jattpanda

    Jattpanda Green Slime

    Thank you for the info, although I have failed to find any background with Terraria content in them.
  7. Xsyiaris

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  8. Ghezra

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  9. Alluvian_Est-Endrati

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