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  1. Blobman Bunny

    Just a thought... fishing. Tossing a line into a pond to try and catch some fish. When you catch a fish, you start moving forward a little and to pull it in you have to move backwards. Once you reeled it in, its just like it would act on land, flailing around. These are my idea for the fishing rods:
    - Wooden Fishing Rod = 8 wood and 3 silk/ catches goldfish only
    - Iron Fishing Rod = 8 iron bars and 5 silk/ catches goldfish and corrupt goldfish
    - Gold Fishing Rod = 8 gold bars and 7 silk/ catchs the two above and a uncommon chance of catching a shark
    - Cobalt Fishing Rod = 8 cobalt bars and 10 silk/ catches the two fish, has a higher percent of catching a shark and sometimes catches a Hallow goldfish
    A Hallow Goldfish is just like a regular goldfish except its rainbowy, sparkles a little, and has 60 life.
    I dont know if the Hallow goldfish, when it dies, should be turned into a potion or whatever, im just talking about the fishing part. This fishing thing might start some ideas for docks or something.
    Please comment on what you think. :D
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  2. Novation Green Slime

    Awesome, I love it, Needs more things in it though.
  3. Blobman Bunny

    i came up with this idea at 5 in the morning so I had barely any ideas at the time. Well what things would you like to see?
  4. Novation Green Slime

    Details, Ask for sprites, Support siggy's :p
  5. Blobman Bunny

    The only sprites i can think of are the character holding & throwing the fishing rod, the fishing rod itself, the hallow goldfish and the line. The fishing rod would act just like a the harpoon except moves slower in the air. OOO! Great idea! What if the harpoon replaces the gold fishing rod! The harpoon would act the same as it does now and it acts like a fishing rod when thrown in water. Oh and then what if there was a new NPC devoted to fishing stuff, like he sells lures or something. There are so many ideas that could branch off of this.
  6. Novation Green Slime

    NPC: Fisherman
    And yes if the fishing rod would act like harpoon, Then when it goes in water it wil lay in there and it would go down when fish ''D
  7. Blobman Bunny

    Do you know how I could get more support for this idea cuz i have no idea lol
  8. Novation Green Slime

    Hmm, Im not sure, But if we will keep posting here, Without Lack Of Content we will get more supporters.
  9. Blobman Bunny

    Well the Fisherman NPC could sell some lures:
    - Decent Fishing Lure = Increases the chance of catching something by 3% Cost: 25 Silver
    - Better Fishing Lure = Increases the chance of catching something by 5% Cost: 75 Silver
    - Totally Awesome Fishing Lure = Increases the chance of catching something by 7% Cost: 2 Gold
    And after you beat the WoF, he sells the best lure, the Hallowed Lure = Increases the chance of catching something by 10% Cost: 7 Gold
    These arent necessary to fish, it just increases the chance to catch something. Now I'm wondering if you have to combine the lure and the fishing rod to use the lure or if you only need it in your inventory to use it. Also, dont ask me for sprites cuz i have no idea how. Last thing, I could use help with the names, %s, and cost.
  10. Novation Green Slime

    Hmm, We can do this, Ill think of some names.

    - Bread; 20 silver; 5% more chance on catching fish.
  11. Blobman Bunny

    Tier 1: Bread; 5 silver; 3% chance; has to replace for every fish
    Tier 2:Goldfish; use one goldfish of yours; 5% chance; has to replace OR Worm; 10 silver; 5 % chance; has to replace
    Tier 3: Decent Lure; 65 silver; 7% chance; doesnt have to replace
    Tier 4: Great Lure; 1 gold 40 silver; 10% chance; no replace
    Tier 5: Hallow Lure; 5 gold; 13% chance; no replace
    Also, we have to think of some sayings for the NPC too...
  12. Novation Green Slime

    Tier 2: Worm, Any kind of worm will drop this item.
  13. Blobman Bunny

    that seems weird, getting a small, helpless, pink worm from a huge, man-eating worm.
  14. Merchantcat Cursed Skull

    Fisherman: Hey look, my line is bobbing!
    and he could sell:

    Maggot: 50 copper
    Type of bait, worse.
  15. Blobman Bunny

    I like the line, but I'm not sure about the maggot thing, I mean there are 5 tiers of lures already. 6 just seems like overkill but thats just me.
  16. Nova_Blast_6000 Angel Statue

    wow this is actully added

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