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    A baby was born. His name was Lenny, and he fell into an ocean. He swam forward for twenty-two years and ended up on Terraria.
    Lenny gathered some sticks and made a wooden sword. He found a cell phone on the ground and called the three contacts on it and told the people to come to Terraria.

    The first person came. He said, "Hi, my name is Killcrash."
    "Hello, Killcrash," Lenny responded. "I have some things to ask you. First of all what is your life story?"
    "Okay, I'll tell you my life story. I was thirteen, and I found guns in my mom's closet. I asked my mom about the guns, and she said it was a secret. Fifty years later she confessed and said she was in the CIA."
    Lenny thrust his sword through the man and killed him. Then the next two people came and Lenny made them fight each other, and they both died.

    Lenny went into a house and wrote three letters and sent them to the addresses on the contact list on the phone. They informed that the person had been killed. While Lenny was taking out the first piece of paper for the letters, he paper-cut himself accidentally on the side of his right hand. While he was writing the letters, his hand pressed against the paper and he got lead poisoning. Lenny laid down on the bed and died.

    Two of the letters that Lenny sent were never read because he killed the only residents of the house. Killcrash lived with his mom, though, so she traveled to Terraria to figure out how Killcrash died. When she arrived, she found the three dead bodies. After weeping over Killcrash's corpse, she entered into the house Lenny died in. She felt the ground shaking near the house. When she opened the door, she was looking at a billion million trillion worms.

    They were all screaming "Help me! Help me! We got lead poisoning!" The mom looked over and saw Lenny's dead body with a tear in its stomach. She deduced that these worms were parasites that lived inside of him, and she made this deduction seconds before she was engulfed by the worms.

    The worms were dying and becoming insane. They were wildly squirming around without purpose. There was one worm though that was immune. The worm consumed every single other worm and the five dead bodies. "I need to find someone alive," the worm said. The worm traveled westward.

    300 Billion years later the worm made it to America. Someone in New York stepped on him and he died. The worm's goo got all over the guy's shoe and when he walked into his house, he noticed some weird slime that came off his shoe onto the floor. He looked at it for five seconds and then died. His wife killed him by beating him over the head with a plank. She was mad because she had just found out he was cheating on her. If he hadn't turned around for five seconds, he could have noticed his angry wife and guarded against her. Now, his wife was a murderer.

    His wife was emotionally destroyed and couldn't think striaght, so she turned herself into the police. She was depressed, so she started eating heavily and got really fat. But at the same time, she was pregnant and didn't know it because it happened two nights before the murder, so she was getting fat from the baby, but thought it was just from the food alone. So one day she was walking through the prison hallway, and suddenly her water broke. Then the baby came out, and he was one the floor, and no one saw, and the mom fainted. The mom died from the fall on her head.

    The baby crawled away into a prison block, and the guards thought it was just a prisoner who lost his suit, so they treated him like a prisoner. They wondered when the baby would be released, so they looked through the files and couldn't find the baby's file. They decided that meant it was the death sentence, so they publicly hanged the baby, but a millisecond before they pulled the box out from under the baby's feet, someone from the crowd screamed, "Wait! That's not a prisoner; that's a baby!" The baby died, but everyone was appalled. The crowd formed into a mob and lynched the two guards.
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    Fuckin' beautiful.
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