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Discussion in 'Biomes & Nature' started by Retro, May 22, 2011.

  1. Swivelgames

    Swivelgames Demon Eye

    Support! (and bump! :p )
  2. Coey890

    Coey890 Squirrel

    I really want a cool pet to follow me around.
    Thinking about a sparrow, or beetle.
  3. BlankVerse

    BlankVerse Green Slime

    Wow. Everything in this post is well thought out and well presented.
    I'd love for all of this to be implemented into the game. :D
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  4. Swivelgames

    Swivelgames Demon Eye

    Exactly my thoughts. Very well thought out indeed :D
  5. Thursday

    Thursday Green Slime

    I really don't like the use of the word evolve to describe feeding sparrows stuff to turn them into owls. That seems to be more of a transmogrification. I'd prefer to just be able to find all kinds of pets. I kind of like the accessory-like nature of pets, though!
  6. Delphidelion

    Delphidelion Green Slime

    I really enjoy this! I feal that this is something that should already have fundamentally been part of the game. (I mean the FAQ even said something about pets)
  7. Zyzone

    Zyzone Green Slime

    These ideas would be a great addition to the base game. I really like the thought of finally having an oven, as my kitchen currently uses a forge as an oven :confused:.

    Another item the Chef could sell is a refrigerator. The fridge could function as a chest for food. You could even change how it looks just like the paintings. This would allow players to choose between different styles such as these.[​IMG]
  8. robly18

    robly18 Green Slime

    Suggestion:raw cactus should take out some mana, and if the player has no mana, take out some health. Wouldn't happen with cooler. But would also happen with hellpepper and chili. This is because... Well... Try eating a cactus IRL. Or chili. Or even hellpepper. The chili and hellpepper thingy wouldn't happen if you were underwater tough. What do you think?
  9. Nori

    Nori Green Slime

    Very good ideas. Though I think the cactus may be too powerful. No damage for 5(10) hearts? I would think that to be more balanced they should all have timers and maybe only one effect at a time.
  10. DragonRegen

    DragonRegen Green Slime

    You're very welcome. I love your food recipes, they are looking epic-sauce, especially that cherry pie. I just want to take that pie and eat the tasty, good looking food. :D I also like the idea of pets, would be beast to own a sparrow/beetle for increase movement or more combat edges. I wonder can they grow into adult forms?
  11. Serakh

    Serakh Green Slime

    Have a bump for a good post.
  12. ViejoRoble

    ViejoRoble Green Slime

    A Powerfull Idea even if i could smash them with my axe when I could become a dwarf :).
  13. RancidShamble

    RancidShamble Green Slime

    I like this.. All of this. I wish I was awake enough to respond more thoroughly. I'll be back later for another bump :)
  14. Leotamer

    Leotamer Bone Serpent

    i like the ideas of how pets increase some stats but i think Pets should have a unquie abs not just haveing a counterpart for every animal and like have some non evoliting pets like a humming bird thay increases the grow rate of flowers,trees and mushrooms but good ideas in dislike thinking that if pets are added they would just be one boring tree.And maybe have some items to help control pets like to get them to stay etc
  15. Ualati

    Ualati Green Slime

    This is amazing and will bring a lot more into the game, you need someone to make some banners or something so people can show their support better!
  16. Nelly

    Nelly Green Slime


    Want. Nau.

    Blue, get ur *** over here and code this right now.
    1.0.4 will include this. And it probably won't involve a death threat. Probably.
  17. I didnt read much but what i read in the original post i liked :)
  18. Jake Von

    Jake Von Cursed Skull

    Why are Cranberries found in water? They don't naturally grow that way. They do that to harvest them easier. with machines. *eaaaaack*
  19. Dorikaze

    Dorikaze Green Slime

    I would definitely like to see more food items in-game. But not too much that it would affect PvP and make it look too much like a Korean MMO.
  20. Retro

    Retro Cave Bat

    There's an underlying theme for all of the fruit, as well as the Pet evolutions I included;

    Cherry / Red / Grass / Health & Life
    Cacti / Yellow / Desert /Armor
    Blueberry / Blue / Clay / Mana
    Cranberry / White / Water / Jumping & falling
    Hellpepper / Black / Lava / Damage

    I wanted a fruit that could grow in water. Yes, Cranberries are simply harvested in flooded fields, but it fit nicely.

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