For Kicks and Giggles [Cyan's Art Thread]

Discussion in 'Art' started by Cyan the Red, Feb 7, 2012.

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    ^ pretty much sums it up. I can't stop the terraria scribbles so here, take them, take them!
    Requests are no longer available.
    Current Lineup: (open)


    Important information regarding Commissions vs. Requests:
    Requests will generally be simple, monochromatic line art with maybe some detail and background. This isn't to say I won't put as much care and time into it as I can, but generally if it's free it's going to be pretty simple.
    However! If you'd like something a bit more special, my rates for commissions can be found here! If you commission me, you'll be able to receive progress shots of my work, be able to input on what you want out of the project, and specify what kinds of details you'd like!
    Commission Information: (open)

    LEVEL 1:
    Funding level 1 at $8 will get you a nicely coloured in sketch with attention paid to lighting and maybe a hint of texture (not unlike the Valentine's Cards). There will be a pretty basic background. If you want to add an extra character, it will be $2 per extra character. You can also request a 3-frame looping animation with no colour.
    LEVEL 2:
    Funding level 2 at $11 will get you a dynamic pose and a more fleshed-out background. You can request up to 2 monsters or other such NPCs to be interacting with (additional characters/monsters will be $3). Conversely, you can also get a 5-frame looping animation, with flat colour.
    LEVEL 3:

    Funding level 3 at $17 will get you pretty much the full monty; a painting with a background with as much attention to detail as you could care for and up to 5 monsters or other such NPCs. You can also request a 10 to 15 frame animation with shading.

    For all your payment needs, I have a paypal available. To contact me about commissions, please hit me up at [email protected].

    In Season,
    Valentine's Day Cards underneath jump (open)


    For Kicks and Giggles,
    Character designs underneath jump (open)


    Currently filled requests: (open)

    Gastropod madness! (open)

  2. The Thought Thinker

    The Thought Thinker Green Slime

    Cthulhlu's Crutches thats awesome! Do you do requests o Artist?(lots of people want requests so beware PS I want a request if you do them...)
  3. I see no reason why not. Just a forewarning, however, I can either be achingly slow at these or like a pyroclastic flow. So, come at me, bro!
  4. The Thought Thinker

    The Thought Thinker Green Slime

    Well Hoo-rah! Could you draw a man with a cow skull for a head (to horns or not to horns is up to you) in the miners armor (some people cant draw a hat on a cow skull but if you could add the miners hat that be cool but it isnt nessecsary) trying to wire a statue? The statue can be anything you want and the man's expression is up to you. If you need referances , feel free to ask me, but there is some nice cow skulls in my signature..
  5. deathbringer539

    deathbringer539 Cursed Skull

    Holy mother of ding rings these are awesome. :D
    also requests you say!
    could i have a request of my char with his custom breaker blade knildred?
    You can do whatever pose you want to do with my char. if its from a pose that he is holding his breaker blade to be ready for battle, to simply enjoying the view from the top of a sky island while leaning from a tree i don't care how you pose him and i would like to see how your interpitation of him would be like.
    hes wearing a sweater with hoodie.... just pointing that out....
    My char. (open)
    Knildred (open)

    If you don't want to do mine i can understand.

    also i don't mind if you take a long time to do it.
  6. saephin

    saephin Fire Imp

    those deserve to be called more than "scribbles".
    now onto the common questions...
    can you draw my character (avatar) with a nightsedge?
    and what program do you use?
  7. The Thought Thinker

    The Thought Thinker Green Slime

    Dear Cthulhu I almost forgot to tell you that The Demolitionist Valentine made me fall out of my chair with laughter. ( not that the art was funny but I can see the demolitionist getting the door slammed in his face if he tried that with any of the gals in Terraria)
  8. Aidoboy

    Aidoboy Demon Eye

    Scribbles? This is awesome! Could I make a request to? *hopeful face*

    The Demon Eye one is especially good!
  9. Seiga

    Seiga Snow Flinx

    Can you draw my player charac--, wait, it appears you already have
  10. zebri

    zebri Icy Merman

    Nice work; this deserves more likes than it has now. :D
  11. Sage of Thyme

    Sage of Thyme Dark Caster

    This art is so good.

    The valentine cards are pretty funny.
  12. Tdino

    Tdino Blazing Wheel

    request:My guy is cutting the twins in half.He has brown hair.His shirt is red and he has jeans on.It is a coblat sword.
  13. GoldenPhoenix 97

    GoldenPhoenix 97 Bone Serpent

    if you do take requests then you should have a app like Hair type, Skin color, armor etc so its more organized.
  14. Is this acceptable?

    I drew what now
    [I drew your character looking like Batman and also totally bonkers that's what]

    I'm afraid organization isn't exactly my thing. :3 I thank you for your suggestion, but I'm just kinda gonna wing it for now. If I need more clarification for requests I'll just ping the requester!

    Photoshop CS5 :3
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  15. GoldenPhoenix 97

    GoldenPhoenix 97 Bone Serpent

    ok well i still want to request something.
    how about a guy in full Mythril armor with the Mythril hood and Demon Wings holding a Megashark over his shoulder. oh and make sure the face is blacked out so all you can so are the eyes like in the game.
  16. Sage of Thyme

    Sage of Thyme Dark Caster

    I would like to make a request.

    It's a monk (need clarification?) holding Holy Water with a cat at his feet. There's a Corrupter coming at him.

    If you need more info, or you can't do it, please tell me.

  17. Aidoboy

    Aidoboy Demon Eye

    Okay here is my request:

    Cobalt armour, but blonde hair #1, firing a minishark. He also has spectre boots, if that sparks any ideas.
  18. The Thought Thinker

    The Thought Thinker Green Slime

    Ohhhh My Cthulhu that is Epic! I will so make that my avatar soon. Thanks a berjillion!
  19. Edit:
    No worries! I'm just superglad you like it. :D

    excellence! I will get on all these reqs asap (if, in fact, I can hold all these reqs. Here's to hoping I can!).

    in other news, gastropods are adorable.
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  20. Malaana

    Malaana Oh Canada

    Dat Mechanic. You have some very great art here. Great work, looking forward to seeing more!

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