For Kicks and Giggles [Cyan's Art Thread]

Discussion in 'Art' started by Cyan the Red, Feb 7, 2012.

  1. ProsaurusRex

    ProsaurusRex Undead Viking

    For the megashark, I'd say that it actually goes over your arm, and the handle and trigger are on the inside.
    And your art is great.
  2. Space Sphere

    Space Sphere Fire Imp

    ...Then where do you put your hand through to reach the trigger?
  3. ProsaurusRex

    ProsaurusRex Undead Viking

    Yes, that. It's really not disturbing depending on how you think about it.
  4. ReznorRage

    ReznorRage World Feeder

    Do you draw recolors of armors, such as:
  5. Lucama221

    Lucama221 Bone Serpent

    Could you please draw for me a short teenage girl with a bubble-gum pink ponytail, in sliver armour without the helmet, a handgun in a holster on her hip, a phase blade in her hand (green please) and a green slime on her shoulder. The position I'll leave up to you, but make her eyes green with a yellow ring around the pupil, and tanned skin. Thank you.

    EDIT: Oops, almost forgot can she have demon wings too. Thanks again.
  6. Kelp

    Kelp Moderator Staff Member

    Congratulations on the feature, you've got a new lover fan.
  7. uiomancan

    uiomancan Lava Slime

    can you redo my avatar?
    so it is not too pixalated and make a nice background to go along with it nicely
    Thank you.
  8. Maplestrip

    Maplestrip Corruptor

    Gratz on your feature, now you'll get a lot more requests ;)
    The Thought Thinker, Deathbringer, Saephin and GoldenPhoenix should be very happy. I've never been featured...
  9. Astiahl

    Astiahl Cursed Man

    The combination between your avatar's expression and that phrase made me burst into laughter, good show. :p

    And great art! I expect that list will be growing quite a bit in the coming days. I'd request as well, but I suck at describing the images that form within my dome of think-meat to a horrifying degree...especially while tired. Best of luck to ye! ^.^
  10. FranMAD

    FranMAD Doctor Bones

    Amazing art!

    Could you make my request?
    A guy with the Type 1 White hair, with googles wearing the tuxedo set (except the top hat(how I hate it...)) battling The Destroyer with a Night's Edge or a Breaker Blade :p

    oh... I nearly forgot, the guy has demon wings equipped (XD)

    Thanks! (if you do it, please quote =D)
  11. bamseper

    bamseper Cursed Skull

    Ooh, gratz on the feature! Can make a request? If yes:

    Base character description: My character, Jonathan, is male. He has the default skin color and his hair is dark brown.
    Hair style: Hair nr. 1, dark brown as stated above :)
    Attire: Necro pants, necro breastplate and sunglasses.
    Weapons: Hamdrax or nothing – your choice. If you make the Hamdrax, it could be made to match the colors of the armor: gray, skulls etc.
    Background: well, anything – in hell, in a forest, in hallow, anywhere – but if its corruption, please make him use holy water/purification powder.
    Basic description: Just make up a pose… and if his pet bird could sit on the shoulder :3 you can give him wings if you want to too.
  12. Maplestrip

    Maplestrip Corruptor

    As I said, a lot more requests...
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  13. FranMAD

    FranMAD Doctor Bones

    True Story.
  14. Puppetmaster

    Puppetmaster Green Slime

    Could you draw my avatar in the UJ, please?

    It's alright if you can't.

    Anyway, this is awesome. The Valentines cards are very creative, and congrats on the feature!
  15. vPixel

    vPixel Green Slime

    You got a feature!

    Nice job! :D
  16. KKslida

    KKslida Eskimo Zombie

    Hey there Cyan the RED, wanted to stop by to say you have some real good artwork here.
    I am not gonna bother with a request, becae you are already backlogged xD (even though I got a ton of ideas)
    anyways, keep up the good work!
  17. Quote.

    Quote. Slimed Zombie

    There is no trigger because is a sentient Megashark.
  18. zoyd11

    zoyd11 Cave Bat

    Hey Cyan, i was wondering if you could do a request for me (sry to ask cuz u already have a ton).

    My charachter has blue hair that you can see a bit of under his robot hat.
    he has the normal/default skin color
    he is wearing a robot hat, adamantite chestplate, jungle pants, and angel wings
    i would like u to draw him fighting the destroyer with a megashark.

    again, sry to ask cuz u have so many requests. thank you, im sure it will be amazing.
  19. GoldenPhoenix 97

    GoldenPhoenix 97 Bone Serpent

    no i didnt say i didnt like it i was just pointing out it almost looks like Halo. anyway its good thanks Cyan.
  20. ZetaFlame

    ZetaFlame Demon Eye

    Wow! These are good! If your not busy from everything else, can you make me one?
    He looks like the character in my signature, But can i have him with a fiery greatsword in one hand and a flower of fire in the other fighting the Wall of flesh? Only do this if your not busy with three thousand other requests you're going to get. Thnx:D!

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