Pre 1.2 Forgotten Land (Adventure, Survival, Quest)

Discussion in 'Released Maps' started by IcyPRO, Aug 4, 2012.

  1. IcyPRO Lava Slime

    .:Forgotten Land:.
    ..[released on August 4th]..

    My dear friends!
    This is my newest map, based on previous map called FreeFall. I've been working on it for hours and hours, and it took me almost as much time to create, as my older map, named Minilands, even though it's a teeny tiny map. I've put all of my effort to making the map beautiful and as much exciting as possible. There will be plenty of things for you to do. You can follow quests, or just do whatever you want. Either way, you should start with a new character (and in high quality of graphics shading). Please post me some feedback, so I can know that you like it or not, or what would you like to see changed or added...
    Have a good time!

    Unexpected news!
    I'm starting to work on a 3rd generation of this map, which will be even more awesome then before! I have a vision! Somehow I will try to implement even more biomes into this map, make it wider than it is, so we don't have to deal with the annoying side-huging at all.
    Also, we will have to find a way to defeat the WoF in such a thin map. Hmm...
    But don't expect done in 1 week. I'm gonna put my heart to it. <3 Also I'm looking for some testers. Let me know if you could help with the project.
    Edit: Will do, I promise - but I'm too busy these days. Don't worry, I will always get back to Terraria once in a while...


    °If you like my work and would like to support me, you can donate here:
    Donate (via Curse)
    °Thank you very much for your support, I love you all!
    Icy ~











  2. Danorpx Voodoo Demon

    Your maps are always like this...
    Seems cool ill try it :D
  3. Lelouchhero Green Slime

    Looks cool and fun, can't wait to see how it is.
  4. IcyPRO Lava Slime

    Thanks, then tell me what do you think of it.

    What do you mean "always like this"??
  5. Danorpx Voodoo Demon

    Floating island and stuff...
  6. Stackerzgame Dungeon Spirit

    Glad to see you're still making maps. I don't like survival to much so I probably won't play. The screen shots look epic though.
  7. IcyPRO Lava Slime

    Still, you should try it, because it's not only about "surviving", but well, it's your decision. ^^
    Thanks anyway for compliment xD
  8. Nakano15 Devourer

    I've been testing the map,and it's cool,but i see that there's a long way to go,at least for me,because i didn't even killed EOC yet.XD
    The only con,is that i had to look at Tedit,to see where is the entrance to the corruption,because i made 3 holes on the sand didn't found it.
  9. IcyPRO Lava Slime

    Oh you cheeeeeater!
  10. Nakano15 Devourer

    Well,at least i found the corruption ^^.
  11. Rippa44 Squirrel

    since you created minilands, and i enjoyed the uniqueness about the map, the struggle to survive with limited resources and building space. I am curious enough to see how this adventure map plays out. hopefully it can match up to some of the others i've played ^_^.
    if i enjoy it enough i will do a L.P -- i'm thinking of doing a few adventure LP's soon and a MINILANDS lp is deffinantely in the picture ;)

    p.s the download link is bugging out on me.. is this map uploaded on curseforge?
  12. IcyPRO Lava Slime

    Added it to Curse, just awaiting approval.
  13. Rippa44 Squirrel

    excellent, thank you for this. when i release the lp's i shall send you a pm personally :) oh i do hope you enjoy.
    IcyPRO likes this.
  14. IcyPRO Lava Slime

    Okay thanks, looking forward to you let's play. =)
  15. Rippa44 Squirrel

    Gonna start lp today.. Will just do part 1 today and await
    Feedback before i continue.. But after ive heard your opinions on
    My commentary ill pump a few more vids out.
    After all... You cant play terraria for 15 mins at one time... Its no where near long enough
  16. Your Shadow Clinger

    Going to try this map out, looks awesome!
  17. Im Infamous Demon Eye

    I think this map goes well with "Toparia" (A terraria RPG mod). That way, the HCs arent as limited for multiplayer :D
  18. Oblithirate Green Slime

    I would get it, BUT I HATE FREAKING ILIVID!!!! And Besides, I Dont Know How To Use Maps :3
  19. Mr. Biscuit Green Slime

    Wow! You're doing good things, man!
    I hope it isn't your last map. ;)
  20. Nakano15 Devourer

    Wanna bet?

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