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    Administrators: Kane
    Moderators: Blu, Tunnel King

    Please follow the link to be informed on the culture shift of Terraria Online. The Culture of Terraria Online

    The developers of Terraria have some specific guidelines about posting on this forum; please read them at the links below. These are considered to be forum rules as well, and will be enforced by the staff.

    We accept username change requests. You can change your username ONCE every 6 months. If you have an inappropriate username that breaks one of the rules below, we will give you the opportunity to change it before giving you an official warning. Contact ahamling27 through a PM to request a username change or to change your birthdate

    A PM is a "Personal Message" sent to another user through your "Inbox" on the right side of the navigation bar. Click "Inbox" and choose to "Start a New Converstation". From there you can input the usernames of people you wish to speak to.

    1. Do not flame, bait, troll, mock, or attack other members. Such behavior is completely unacceptable. This includes members from other communities.
    2. Post with mutual respect. Each of us has our own valid thoughts, feelings, and ideas. There is a difference between disagreement and disrespect. Debate the position, not the person.
    3. Treat each other as adults, regardless of age.
    4. Swearing/Profanity is not against the rules, but never use swear words to insult other members.
    5. Slurs are never acceptable, do not use them.
    Post Respectfully Details (open)

    Keep in mind that there are people on the other side. Just because they may disagree with you does not mean they should be condescended to, insulted or otherwise. Discussion should stay as civil as possible, and your opinions stated in an intelligent manner.

    Mocking someone for their opinion does not make your opinion any more logical or intelligent. Insulting someone for their opinions does not make your opinion any better. If someone does not agree with you, that does not mean they are a troll.

    Any problems you have can be solved with calm and polite conversation. The staff (and most of the users!) aren't out to get you, or insult you at every opportunity. Just talk to moderators like real people!

    While we do not have a rule against swearing (just do not swear excessively), do not launch these insults at other members in this form. Swearing in light conversation, and swearing AT someone are two very different things. In general, a well-spoken person has no need of such words.

    1. Do not post duplicate threads. Consider searching before posting.
    2. Do not double post. If you must add something else, edit your post.
    3. No single word or single image posts. This includes:
      • TL;DR
      • "Yes/No"
      • bumping
      • image macros and memes.
      • video clips
    Post Intelligently Details (open)

    Use search whenever possible. Duplicate threads will be deleted, merged, and possibly warned depending on the situation. If you're about to post a thread asking a question, please consider whether the answer is easily found through Google, the Wiki, or any other source to save both yourself and other posters time.

    Double posts will be merged and also possibly warned (again depending on the situation). You can only update your thread every 24 hours ONLY in content threads (suggestions, art, mods). The update MUST have a significant amount of content. Loosely veiled bumping will simply be merged, and possibly warned.

    Single-word posts are discouraged as a general rule. There are places where this is appropriate - Clan threads, forum game threads, hype-y development news, etc. Use good judgment, however. Pointless posting in most areas of the forums will likely receive a small warned. Pointless includes but is not limited to things such as:
    • TL;DR
    • +/-1
    • Yes/no
    • Image macros (image posts when appropriate are fine, but we're not 4chan)
    • video clips
    • bumping

    1. Pirated Terraria or any other pirated games or Unapproved Hacks. This includes blatant boasting about owning a pirated copy.
    2. Art, sprites, or any other content that does not belong to you or that you do not have permission to post.
    3. Ban Lists that include IP addresses and usernames.
    4. Pornography, offensive images, or other explicit material. This forum is PG-13.
    5. Hate Speech: slurs, derogatory statements, hate support, posting to offend ANY social group; including age, race, gender, religion, ethnicity, nationality or sexuality.
    Never Post Details (open)

    Any pirated content or unapproved hacks will immediately be removed. The member who posts the pirated content will receive an official warning. For more information on unapproved hacks versus modding, please check out the Modding Rules.

    We take art and content theft seriously. Any stolen content will be removed from the forum and the member who posted it will receive an official warning. If you have permission to post the content, you must give credit where credit is due.

    Ban lists can lead to innocent bans and mistakes. We do not allow ban lists on the forum, especially when they include IP addresses.

    This forum is PG-13. Posting pornographic, offensive, or explicit images will result in immediate ban. Pornography includes images of vaginas, penises, or any sexual intercourse. What is considered "offensive" or "explicit" will be determined on a case by case basis.

    If you have to ask yourself whether or not people will take offense to a word, then do not post it at all. The use of derogatory slurs and speech will be warned. Examples of completely UNACCEPTABLE content in all circumstances:
    • "Go die"
    • "You should get raped"
    • "Go kill yourself"
    • "Your parents should disown you"
    • "You're gay, faggot"

    1. Do not impersonate other members, moderators, or developers. Do not 'copy' their username, steal signatures, or use custom avatars from others.
    2. Multiple accounts are allowed as long as you are not ban evading or using the alternate account to troll and cause unrest.
    3. Do not ban evade. Evading a ban to continue rule breaking behavior will result in extended bans.
    4. Do not create accounts with the intention of increasing your like count or the like count of other members.
    5. Do not post advertisements around the forum. Advertisements can be placed in your signature.
    6. Do not beg for a copy of the game. Terraria is discounted on Steam often and is constantly given away in contests.
    7. Your profile is subjected to the same rules except double posting, single word posts, and spamming. Spamming someones profile with the intention to annoy or harass is not acceptable.
    8. Do not use this forum as a storage device. Use other image and file hosting services to store large amounts of content that you are not using here.
    9. If you cannot get along with another member, use the Ignore feature. Do not alert the member that you have ignored them.
    Be Intelligent and Respectful Details (open)

    Impersonating other members is unacceptable. Intentionally making usernames similar or intentionally taking and using their avatar/signature can result in a ban or an immediate change by the administrator. If it is proven that you impersonated another member on purpose, you may receive an official warning.

    If you have been banned, you are expected to wait out the ban or if it is permanent, never return to the forums. If you feel the ban was unfair or in the gray area and you would like to repeal it, we will allow an alternate account specifically for the purpose of repealing a ban. Using an alternate account to continue the behavior that you were originally banned for will result in longer bans or permanent bans.

    Using alternate accounts to increase the amount of likes you or other members have is not permitted. If there are signs of using accounts to spam likes after multiple warnings to stop, you will receive an official warning.

    This forum is meant for discussion, not advertisements. Please place advertisements in your signature or in the appropriate location (Youtube channels and Let's Plays in the Let's Play section) Advertisement threads will be closed or moved.

    Terraria is normally $10 (or 10 euros) on Steam, Terraria is often 50% off or 75% off. The Terraria community often gives away Terraria and it is often featured in contests. Do not beg for Terraria on the forums. Wait for an opportunity to acquire the game in a contest/giveaway or buy Terraria on Steam.

    Your profile is subject to all rules, especially the Never Post rules. The only exceptions to this are Double posts, single word posts, and spamming. Consider that - if a profile is public - others outside of your intended target may read and react to those posts.

    There is a fine line to be drawn on what is acceptable to post on a friends profile and what is not. You are allowed to spam your own profile, but spamming someones profile with the sole intention of harassing them will result in an official warning. Before you decide to spam someone profile 'for fun', check with the member and make sure they are OK with it. If they say no, do not spam their profile. If they ask you to stop, then stop.

    If you use the Ignore feature to ignore members, then you should IGNORE them. Similar to reporting, do NOT alert members that you have ignored them. Essentially saying, "Nana nana boo boo, I have ignored you." in a thread does not help the situation and only causes anger and tension to rise.

    1. Reporting is meant to alert moderators of rule breaking and other problems around the forum. The report queue is not for inciting personal vengeance. Spamming the report queue is not acceptable.
    2. Do not alert the offender that you have reported them.
    3. Do not respond to 'trolls' or spam threads. Report and move on.
    4. Thread title changes and thread moving requests are handled with the Report system. Report your thread and explain what the title should be changed to or where it should be moved.
    5. Events that happen outside of the forum, such being banned from a server or griefing, cannot be moderated by the moderators.
    Reporting Details (open)

    If you see any post which is contrary to the above rules, use the report feature located below each post. Even if you're not 100% sure it's breaking a rule, still feel free to report it, as there are no consequences for trying. Please do not alert the offender that you've reported them. It only makes threads worse and doesn't help us in any way. Enough of this may be officially warned as a useless post.

    If there is a thread with multiple bad posts you want to report, just report one of them, and note in the comment that the entire thread needs moderation. This way only one moderator ends up dealing with each thread and our report queue isn't spammed. Don't respond to flaming and trolls, especially to flame them back. Just report them, and move on.

    Please do not report server owners for banning you or reporting members who greifed your server. This is not something the TO moderation team is able to help with - servers are privately run.

    If you wish to change the title of your thread, simply report your thread and state the new name exactly as you wish it along with your request. This won't have any effect on the content of your thread.

    Reporting with the intention of spamming the moderation team will result in a spamming infraction. This is to be used only in extreme and obvious cases such as reporting posts that are not able to be warned from one user because you do not like them.

    Reporting posts for rule violations that are less than but not equal to 2 points will be ignored if the post is over 4 months old. Posts that have major violations do not have a time limit and will receive a warning.

    Warnings can be repealed and removed. Read the details in the spoiler below. Click HERE
    to post a warning repeal.
    Repeal Details (open)

    There are two categories of warnings. Major violations and minor violations.
    Major Violations

    • Personal Attacks
    • Trolling
    • Use of Slurs
    • Piracy
    • Pornography
    • Ban Evasion
    • Impersonating Members and Staff
    • Any warning 2 points or higher
    Minor Violations
    • Large Signature
    • Double Posts
    • Lack of Content
    • Advertising
    Types of Appeals
    1. Four Month Immediate Appeal: After four months, Minor Violations are subject to immediate removal upon request. If there are multiple warnings for the same violation, the most recent warning serves as the time limit.
    2. Standard Appeal: At any time, a member may challenge the validity of a warnings based on its merits. This is done by posting a thread in the Repeals subsection found in Forum Help & Feedback. The process can be found below.
    3. Six Month Review (Major Warnings): After six months, a member may request that any Major Warnings that is at least six months old be removed from their record after staff review.
    4. Nine Month Instant Removal (Major Warnings): As with minor violations, Major Violations are also eligible for automatic removal - on request - by staff. For this to occur, the member in question must have a record clear of any further major infractions for a continuous period of nine months.
    Exceptions: Members who have been banned from Terraria Online will not have any warnings removed from their profiles for any reason. It takes a lot to earn a ban, and leaving this record provides necessary context for future situations and for new members.

    If you have deleted the post containing the infraction in question, it is impossible for TO staff to remove it. Apologies.

    Step 1: Post a thread in the Warning Repeals subsection in the format below.
    "Can you remove all my warnings?" or "Why did you give me this warning? Remove it" posts will be rejected.

    User name:
    Appeal Type: Minor or Major (Remove the one not applicable to you)
    Warning date: DD/MM/YY
    Warning name: Put the type it was classed as here (IE Signature Too Big)
    Link to original post:
    Removal reason: Expired
    Step 2: Wait for a moderator to respond. Your request will either be accepted or rejected. Rejected requests are given a reason.
    Step 3: If you do not agree with the action taken, please request that another moderator review your case.
    Insulting or attempting to argue with the moderator who originally gave you the warning or the moderator who denied your request will not increase your chances of having the warning removed.

    Ban Tier & Point Tiers:
    • 5 points = 1 Week Ban
    • 10 points = 2 Week Ban
    • 15 points = 1 Month Ban
    • 20 points = Permanent Ban
    • 0 points = 1 Week Expiration
    • 1 point = 1 Month Expiration
    • 2 points = 6 Month Expiration
    • 3 - 5 points = 1 Year Expiration
    • 20 points = No Expiration
    Signature Warnings
    Signatures must be under 150px. All forum rules apply to signatures except advertising. No slurs, no pornography, no personal attacks on other members. "Clickies" must be inside spoiler tags. Click HERE for more information.

    • 0 Points - Signature Warning - Too Big
    • 1 Point - Signature Warning - Too Big
    • 1 Point - Signature Warning - Inappropriate Content
    • 3 Points - Signature Warning - Way too big
    • 3 Points - Signature Warning - Inappropriate Content
    Graceful's Signature Guide.jpg
    • 0 Points - Spam - Double Posts
    • 0 Points - Advertising
    • 1 Points - Spam - Double Posts
    • 1 Points - Advertising
    • 3 Points - Medium Spamming
    • 20 Points - Spam - We Know You're A Bot
    Useless Posts & Threads
    • 0 Points - Lack of Content
    • 0 Points - Duplicate Thread
    • 1 Points - Lack of Content II
    • 1 Points - Duplicate Thread II
    • 2 Points - Lack of Content III
    • 2 Points - Duplicate Thread III
    Serious Offenses
    • 2 Points - Personal Attacks
    • 2 Points - Trolling I
    • 2 Points - Mild Racism/Sexism/Homophobia
    • 2 Points - Unapproved 3rd-party client
    • 3 Points - Trolling II
    • 3 Points - Offensive Content - Images
    • 3 Points - Offensive Content - Blatant Racism/Sexism/Homophobia
    • 5 Points - Pirating
    • 20 Points - Pornography
    • 20 Points - Ban Evasion
    • 100 Points - Nuke it from Orbit
    Warning Details (open)

    We have a system to assign warning points. Bans are automatically made when a point threshold is broken.

    If you have questions about your warning, do not hesitate to PM the mod who gave you your warning, but please remember to be respectful. Instant bans are only used in clear-cut "oh my god stop the porn and spam" cases.

    We have a ban tier system. After your first ban (5 points), 1 week bans will increase to longer periods of time and eventually you will receive a permanent ban. Instead of earning another 1 week ban after your first 5 points, your next 5 points will result in a 2 week ban and so on. This is an automatic process.

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    This section is here so you guys can see our creed and moderation style. Not only can you see the kinds of tasks/attitude a moderator is to take on while working with TO, but you can also use it to determine if you're being treated fairly. Again, any issues can be appealed directly to an admin.

    You are an official representative of TO, and to the Terraria Community, the game itself. Moderators are expected to set an example for the membership of TO at all times – to represent the absolute “best” that the Terraria Community has to offer. To that end:
    • When posting – outside of your duties as a Moderator – you must always remember your dual persona: you are free to be yourself, but you are also a representative of TO. As such, always consider that your words will carry a different weight and be viewed in a different light. Avoid “gray areas” if at all possible.
    • Moderators should approach every member – regardless of the situation – under a banner of mutual respect, and treat them as peers. At times, members will act in ways that are not aligned with this. Moderators, being held to a higher standard, must take the “high road” at all times.
    • Moderators should never be found in violation of the rules of this site. This includes having the patience to avoid flaming in public or anywhere else on the site (PMs, profiles). If a situation comes to this point, get another moderator involved to help out.
    • Moderators are expected to know the rules of TO and Terraria in depth. Ignorance of the rules is not an excuse.
    • Mods should also not be found breaking Terraria's TOS, or disrupting the peace of other players. If you choose to use the same IGN as you do on these forums, you are upheld to the same standards listed here in-game as well as the forums. If you feel you will hack, grief, whatever - you are required to use a different handle in-game than you do on the forums, and completely dissociate yourself from this other identity while on the forums.
    • Moderators are trusted by the TO Community to exercise their powers objectively, without regard to personal agendas, including mentioning their status in casual conversation on the forums, or punishing a member for a fight you had with them, even though they did no wrong. Any Moderator who feels that they cannot do this in a specific situation should seek out another Moderator to help out.
    • Infractions given by Moderation should always have a clear reason. This goes for thread locks as well; Moderators should be able to back up any action they take with a rule. Be as transparent as possible and give as much information in the description of the infraction and the last post of the thread lock as is appropriate. When infracting for PMs, be sure to screenshot the conversation and post in the appropriate sticky in Moderation forums.
    • Use your best judgment to respond to reports and visible infractions as promptly as possible. If we've assigned you to a specific forum, you should patrol there as often as possible. The more watchful eyes we have enforcing the rules, the more smoothly the community runs.
    • Take the time to find the root of any dispute you're settling; check post histories, read the entire argument, etc. Although you're meant to ensure that TO's rules are being followed, always take into account shades of grey. Context is important. You are a Moderator for a reason, trusted for your perceived ability to make good, appropriate decisions and are empowered to make them.
    • Never discuss moderation decisions in public, or advocate that anyone do so. Disputes should ALWAYS be private, and promptly taken care of. Please do not use public humiliation tactics to punish users, either.
    • Contact another mod if you're unsure of how to resolve a situation! That's what the report queue is there for. We can see you commenting on these reports, so if you have a question just ask there or in a PM to any of us. Asking for help is not a sign of weakness.
    • Finally, thank you for volunteering to take on what is often a frustrating task. Know that the Leadership of TO trusts your judgment and is behind you at all times. If you have concerns, never hesitate to raise them to an admin.

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    November 1st, 2013: The new rules have been posted. Please look over them and familiarize yourself (though they haven't really changed)​
    Please leave any feedback on my profile. We really want to hear from you. I'd like to know if the rules are easier to read, have they become too vague (though again, we haven't really changed much), has something been spelled wrong, is a link broken, anything please.​

    If you have major change proposals, please visit the Terraria Online Community Feedback Portal
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    August 4th, 2014: Links to the developer policies regarding 'unreleased/unobtainable' items, console modding/hacking, and mobile modding/hacking have been added to the body of the rules, just below the culture statement at the top. These policies are not new, nor have they changed; the links have been added to increase the likelihood of being seen and read by all members.
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