Forums have been dead ultimately?

Discussion in 'Forum Help & Feedback' started by celo753, Mar 8, 2012.

  1. celo753

    celo753 Clinger

    Have you been noticing a decrease of members on forums ultimately? many well-known members have been dissapearing... the last reply was 7 minutes ago, wich is strange, usually there are replies every minute.
    I think that too many people is leaving the forums, and the waffle raffle is just a attempt to get some more members back...
    Well, i think the forums will be dead soon if we dont do anything about it. i think we should start moving instead of just sitting on your chair and waiting until people magically comes back to the forum, wich wont happen.

    We could like and share terraria online on facebook, twitter, friends, and other stuff like that.
    Maybe if we manage to get a big community on TO again, things can get as cool as before.
    We could even start some real competitions, not like making maps or building stuff with a certain theme, maybe like everyone joining a server hosted by the TO community and then doing something like racing, fighting, building or even surviving in there.

    I just want TO to be like before, maybe even better, because its been dieing recently...
    I know what i said isnt a thing that is really going to change anything, but at least we could try... if we all work together, we could make terraria online a site MUCH better than it is currently.
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  2. Garneac

    Garneac Yellow Tyrant of Death

    Get away from me, you blasphemer.

    OT: Not sure if there's any credibility to what you're saying, but I don't see the raffle as a way to lure people back in. I do like the idea of a server, though. Is that something feasible?
  3. Purebillet

    Purebillet Yellow Slime

    what did you expect to happen? Alot of users wont use mods to extend there gameplay and have moved on. This is what happens when the game gets dropped.
  4. celo753

    celo753 Clinger

    Not talking about the game, about the forums. many users dissapeared just because one friend of his leaved. if just one user went back, his friends would come back and the friends of the friends would come back, so we could get like 10 from just one user.
  5. Vinyl Luck TTX

    Vinyl Luck TTX Green Slime

    This thread seems active enough HMMM.
    Honest has just gone a little bit less active then usual.
    While ago I got about thirty alerts when I logged on, now having that above ten is a surprise.
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  6. bobbykilla95

    bobbykilla95 Eskimo Zombie

  7. Purebillet

    Purebillet Yellow Slime

    when the game dies, alot of the community dies also. They move on, and most have moved on to support starbound. Thats pretty standard...
  8. Sol Prower

    Sol Prower Doctor Bones

    I thought it was Cube World everyone is transitioning to.
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  9. celo753

    celo753 Clinger

    Ten is pretty much alot. i used to have about 40, now i have just 2-3...
  10. Vinyl Luck TTX

    Vinyl Luck TTX Green Slime

    Both of you seem wrong. On the internet GASP
    Anyway. I think the main point of migration is starbound.
  11. Relinies-the-Wizard

    Relinies-the-Wizard Face Monster

    I'm still here, i'm just enjoying the chaos.

    You think wrong, i'm afraid. Two communities are neck and neck, Starbound and Cubeworld, with the old members of Terrariaonline.
  12. Stackerzgame

    Stackerzgame Bone Lee

    I'm still here, I don't see why people leave, there's still plenty to do unless you play non stop all day..
  13. celo753

    celo753 Clinger

    Double post, oops.
    But seriously, noone is moving to a single game, everyone is moving to the game that they like. but ill surely play cube world when its out, i really like the fact that you can modify your weapons sprites! =O im going to add so much pixels in my sword that i will make a massive banana of death!
  14. Garneac

    Garneac Yellow Tyrant of Death

    Cube World and Starbound are the next big-hits-in-waiting. Can't blame people for taking interest in those games, though. They look awesome.
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  15. Vinyl Luck TTX

    Vinyl Luck TTX Green Slime

    I suppose it might be the whole "large numbers" thing I have going on with me.
  16. r9310

    r9310 Cursed Man

    try broadening your viewing, i tried looking all over and now i have plenty going on.
  17. Sol Prower

    Sol Prower Doctor Bones

    I know huh ^.^

    Anyways OT: The forums is not dead nor is it growing. The only way I see this community grow is if Redigit continues Terraria or let someone else take over the project.
  18. WarfighterSev

    WarfighterSev Dark Caster

    Guys, Starbound is what everyone is doing.
    I have seen Docter G33K, Valanthril, and ALOT of other active memebers who used to be on TO on those forums now.
    PS = Starbound is what Tiy is working on now. This is another reason why Terraria died, and it is going to be basicaly Terraria 5.0 with some features from Terraria, but it will still be a completly different game
  19. Actually, no. A lot of us are over here.

    Smaller community. More friendly.

    And I'm not here for personal reasons. I'll be back. XD
  20. Sol Prower

    Sol Prower Doctor Bones

    Oh alright. Glad someone feels that way as well :D

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