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Discussion in 'PC' started by Cromatic, Apr 30, 2011.

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  1. Cromatic

    Cromatic Green Slime

    i Was Wondering Of You Are Releasing A Demo Anytime Soon, Not Annoying Or Rushing You But Just Another Random Question :)
  2. RipTlde

    RipTlde Green Slime

    I wouldn't count on a demo, but then again I have no clue =P
  3. aavri

    aavri Cursed Skull

    No demo but maybe a playable (if not buyable) beta.
  4. Kane

    Kane Administrator Staff Member

    I doubt there will be a demo for this type of game ever.
  5. RipTlde

    RipTlde Green Slime

    Take fallout of the elderscroll games by Bethesda, since these kind of games are so focused on the openness of the world, limiting it with a demo doesn't showcase the key points of why it should be bought.
  6. Keyofdoor

    Keyofdoor Piranha

    A demo is a version that was older but still epic but is not updated
    like that
  7. Maksago

    Maksago Dark Caster

    I would love to have a demo. It would at least give me something to do while I wait for the full game.
  8. Shlapintogan

    Shlapintogan Green Slime

    Well, it's not entirely impossible that a demo could be made in the future (PC Gamer did it for Minecraft, it basically gave you 90 minutes and then locked you out of that world), but until there's an established customer base, it's not entirely likely, either.
  9. RipTlde

    RipTlde Green Slime

    those demos I could definitely see
  10. N8 the Gr8

    N8 the Gr8 Green Slime

    A demo? Not likely.
  11. Calin Tif

    Calin Tif Zombie

    I hope so maybe it could be web-based but you cant save.
  12. Kromin

    Kromin Green Slime

    Well, we have enough people now that Yogscast or w/e did a thing...
    Then again, that also means we get the people here who watched that...
  13. Gold

    Gold Green Slime

    Pretty sure there won't be a demo .. :S
  14. August

    August Dark Caster

    i have seen the future! i have been beyond the edges of the corporeal and seen what no mortal was meant to see!
  15. countchocula86

    countchocula86 Dark Caster

    *sniff sniff* I cant help loving the yogscast and terraria!
  16. Blunderbluff

    Blunderbluff Green Slime

    demos for the pc always get hacked hell even minecraft right now is going on pirate websites basically a demo would relie on people having to be responsible which as everyones seen on forums is not going to happen
  17. countchocula86

    countchocula86 Dark Caster

    Honestly demos are great and can be very very useful. But at the same time, the dev's Lets Play does an excellent job of showing it off. If youre curious whether youll like it, you can just watch those.
  18. August

    August Dark Caster

    unfortunately, there is an unhealthy amount of people on the net who take one look at graphics and don't even think about gameplay. i see that happening with this game as it did with minecraft (although i kinda prefer those people to stay away if they are that short-sighted). people will start flaming the game because its graphics aren't FF13 quality. i do agree though, the LPs are great. the only problem is that that information contained in the LPs are apparently obsolete, due to recent changes and balancing by the developers.
  19. Harry

    Harry Green Slime

    The old LPs. PBat's game is up to date, so unless the developers change it up some more we'll be current on the information.
  20. countchocula86

    countchocula86 Dark Caster

    Well, and maybe im just a nostalgic old fart, but I think the graphics on Terraria are gorgeous lol, I love it. The actual players, to me, are a teeny bit bland, but everything else is quite nice. I took one look at the video and was pretty much floored.

    And I agree with you, if someone is just looking at the graphics of a game with no consideration of the gameplay itself.

    Perhaps once they move into late beta or release, they can go back and just make a demo version of the game, i.e. rather than a timelock actually create "another" game, but perhaps stuck on tiny, with just the first few iterations.
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