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Discussion in 'PC' started by Cromatic, Apr 30, 2011.

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  1. August

    August Dark Caster

    thats a good idea, and yes, i personally love the old-style graphics.
  2. Alluvian_Est-Endrati

    Alluvian_Est-Endrati Green Slime

    It is possible a demo version may exist in the future. I would not expect a demo version of Terraria to be available prior to the actual game itself however. Post-release is another story.
  3. unwoundpath

    unwoundpath Green Slime

    I bet the demo will come after release too, Making a version that has limits might be good too, like super small worlds, not having the underworld and any other biomes, ect... Then they could leave those parts of the code out.
  4. Jamo

    Jamo Green Slime

    Copied direct from Blue on IRC

    [16:31] <Blue|No-Qs> we are working towards an open release guys, no time to do an open beta. Trust me, the wait wont be long long, and you will have a great game that will receieve content updates constantly when its out.
  5. Kylanor

    Kylanor Green Slime

    I personally think it would be a bad idea for them too do a demo because when people are done playing the demo too its limitations blue is going to get more spam about when is it releasing....
  6. Rusher

    Rusher Green Slime

    Releasing a demo is like giving trolls some leftovers to feed one and when their done with that they'll just continue to troll more for better food.

    So in other words: Give us a Demo and I can assure you, when we're done with it, people will be whining more then ever.
  7. countchocula86

    countchocula86 Dark Caster

    I think this is the right mentality anyways. At the end of the day, beta means testing, and its easier to test in a small controlled way, rather than getting the same bugs over and over and over again!

    People will always whine. I mean, whining is like 80% of the internet right? (or 80% of whats left after porn?) And its inevitable. Personally I think the smartest way to do it would be to get the full game released. Those of us anticipating it can help spread the word and get people playing. Then, push out a small and simple demo. As a way to hook any stranglers. Honestly speaking, I will often go to a demo first, get hooked and want more. Perhaps im atypical, but I feel that having a demo _eventually_ is the right way to hook in people.
  8. vbevan

    vbevan Green Slime

    So by open release they mean free? Or there is a demo coming? I was going to buy this game almost sight unseen, but I do like to demo a game before buying it.

    A 90 minute unsavable trial as an above example mentioned would be great. The excuse around piracy is moot, as the game is already available on pirate sites, but I would like to support a developer of a game I enjoy, I just like to try before I buy.

    So bottom line, a demo would be great and would probably result in more sales from people like me who prefer to try a game before they buy it. Until then, I guess I can just try the pirated version?
  9. Redmoonblade

    Redmoonblade Green Slime

    How to demo terraria:
    Basic answer: Youtube.
    Advanced answer: Yoooouuuuuuuutuuuuuube.
  10. Mrlope13

    Mrlope13 Green Slime

    you should make a terraria demo online in a browser
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  11. justsomeguy

    justsomeguy Green Slime

    Infraction has been given for this message by kirabook. Details | Aug 31, 2012
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  12. Razor Knight

    Razor Knight Mushi Ladybug

    There's no necro rule, but there's a "lack of content/useless post" rule.

    Guess who the one breaking the rules here is? If you answer "the necroer" I can see the problem inherent in the posters.
  13. Lennon

    Lennon Pixie

    USELESS POST! I'M REPORTING YOU! No but really, does it really matter if you make a useless post on a thread over a year old?
  14. Gmodlol61

    Gmodlol61 Necromancer

    You've got to be shitting me.
    Please never use this forum, how did you even find a thread thats this old?
    Theres no necro rules, but this is ridiculously stupid anyways.
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  15. Lennon

    Lennon Pixie

    He's obviously the jesus of Necro.
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  16. Gmodlol61

    Gmodlol61 Necromancer

    This is one of those rare moments where someone is smart enough to use the search engine but stupid enough to post on a year old thread lmao
  17. kirabook

    kirabook Ex-Min

    Last warning for both of you, there is no necro rule so stop acting like it exists. Do you feel highly for talking down on another member for posting on something that's old? Get a hold of yourselves, move on, and get back on topic. Please and thank you.
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  18. Mr.Bear

    Mr.Bear Green Slime

    You win all the internets for what you did.
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  19. Lennon

    Lennon Pixie

    WHAT? Who said we were talking down to him? I don't know but it's KINDA OBVIOUS I was saying he was the jesus of something that I don't find to be bad. Also the topic is terrible, how on earth are we gonna get back on it? "Yeh they didn't make a demo." THAT'S WORSE THEN WHAT WE WERE DOING! I don't approve of making fun of something like this like that. Really though, talking down to him would be making fun of him, I need some signal to make sure people understand me fully or this is just gonna keep happening...
    What the hell is that thing...

    What the hell is that thing...
  20. kirabook

    kirabook Ex-Min

    You're off topic, period.
    If you can't find a way to stay on topic, don't reply to the topic.
    Simple and easy.
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