Discussion in 'Server Archive' started by Kevin Ridgeway, May 25, 2011.

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  1. Serisho Voodoo Demon

    hamichi: serisho (or serisho 2, or serisho 3)
    password: 123


    im doing this so i can test to see how well i can host servers, i might keep this server up for a while :D

    suggestion: turn frame skip on so if you lag you dont go really slow, you go normal speed, but your FPS is low, if you do lag, I don't think its because of me, I have a pretty high end computer.
  2. Electrocity Green Slime

    server dont work bro.
  3. Serisho Voodoo Demon

    3 people are in it.
  4. Serisho Voodoo Demon

    culdin is a hacker :D he had 9999hp and inf dynamite lol. i closed server cuz i lag :p nop, cant handle the powah of multiplayer servers :( lol not as good of a computer as i thought.
  5. Electrocity Green Slime

    of course it whas going to get hacked dude. in fact why do people always make a server public and and say GEE NO GRIEFERS ARE GOING TO GET THIS SHIT, then theyre like, SERVER NOW PRIVATE BEECUZ OF GREIFERZ, i mean, what the fuck do you expect.
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