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Discussion in 'Trading Archive' started by JSD, May 28, 2011.

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  1. JSD Green Slime

    I've got to much crap. I'll give you anything you want.
    PM me for server info
  2. BroMyShroomFarmRocks Eskimo Zombie

  3. Deinosaurz Green Slime

    server info?
  4. CasaundraTruffles Green Slime

    Do you have any meteorite?
  5. Rossmallo Voodoo Demon

    Got any Blue Walls?
  6. Nano610 Green Slime

    Really? You got color bricks?
  7. Blaze959 Doctor Bones

    I want a pair of rocket boots, you got any spares?
  8. JSD Green Slime

    what color brick
  9. CasaundraTruffles Green Slime

  10. MeltingData Demon Eye

  11. JSD Green Slime

    i just PMed u
  12. ChaosEternal Zombie

    Any starbands? :)
  13. Eliwood5837 Green Slime

    any hellforges?
  14. JSD Green Slime

    i have tons of hellforges
  15. Eliwood5837 Green Slime

    ok pm me how much u want 1 for and tell me server ip and we can do the trade
  16. MeltingData Demon Eye

    May I get a hellforge, and 30 more platinum?
  17. Scurzo Green Slime

    10,000 gelz please
  18. JSD Green Slime

    keep it reasonable, ill give you 1000 gels
  19. Scurzo Green Slime

    sorry bro I need 10k or no deal
  20. Breadcrab Green Slime

    Cobalt helm? PLEASE TELL ME YOU HAVE
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