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  1. Pivetor

    Pivetor Green Slime

    This is not cracked, or stolen, or anything. This is a give away of 2 terraria games! I have bought a 4 pack of the game, and only needed 2. So now, i am giving it away to you, the public.

    Check this video, do what it says. No hidden catch, just follow the instructions, and comment below :D

  2. Lord Ashwind

    Lord Ashwind Green Slime

    I am suspicious of your youtube link that probably tells me to sub to your channel or something. Suspicious I tell you. >:|
  3. Redmoonblade

    Redmoonblade Green Slime

    You don't deserve to be subscribed to if you have people do it just to increase your subscriber count.
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  4. Issac Clarke

    Issac Clarke Green Slime

    Hmmm i realy want this but should i sub.....
  5. Sychosis

    Sychosis Green Slime

    So all I have to do is subscribe, throw around thumbs ups like they're candy, comment on your videos, join your website, post daily on your website, and refer more people to your website?

    Sounds like a steal, OP.
  6. T3G Silas

    T3G Silas Green Slime

    I was thinking about it, but, you barely have members and your forums are completely cluttered with sections and subforums that just take up some space. I highly suggest you rethink your forum structure.
  7. Issac Clarke

    Issac Clarke Green Slime

    I think its a Scam cuz look he is offering a 10 dollar game that even a 10 year old (me) can get from working. 100% scam. He gets subs, 2 out of 957 people get the game. He gets a youtube membership and 955 people go to bed sad. 100% total scam.
  8. Sadron

    Sadron Squirrel

    Infraction has been given for this message by confuzzledyma. Details | Jun 7, 2011
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  9. Pivetor

    Pivetor Green Slime

    UPADTED: Added a picture so all the people who claim it is fake will know its not.

    Sorry, if i came off like a scammer, i have 700+ subs, and im going for partners. Its a $10 game, so just to make my moneys worth im having you subscriber. Thank you so much.
  10. Pivetor

    Pivetor Green Slime

    That is what the forum is. It is a forum with everything, it is not clustered. It is well organised, and every section, has everything needed, an no more.
  11. Pivetor

    Pivetor Green Slime

    Please look at the picture i just uploaded. Like i stated, i have 700+ subscribers, watch all my videos, i am 100% legit. Sorry to prove you wrong, or argue. Just do not like to be called a lier, because you cannot cope with my deal i am offering >.>
  12. Solopb21

    Solopb21 Green Slime

    Shouldn't most people in the forum have the game?
  13. T3G Silas

    T3G Silas Green Slime

    If you look carefully there's no need for all the sections you have, many of them can be merged.

    No actually. There's plenty of people that like to engage in communities and look around before they buy/have the money for a game.
  14. Pivetor

    Pivetor Green Slime

    If you win, you can give it to a friend. That is the only thing i can say if you have it, and won :D
  15. Pivetor

    Pivetor Green Slime

    Bump. Any one still interested?
  16. Teanji

    Teanji Blazing Wheel

    Out of all of the other Sub to win Terraria contests this is the first I've seen people act up.. Why? It's a perfectly legitimate way to help out both parties, if you don't have Terraria then take a stab at it -- What do have to lose other then five minutes of your time?
  17. Junn

    Junn Green Slime

    That is like selling your soul.....I refuse, thank you very much.

    EDIT: Well people sub if they like your content. It shouldn't be just for free stuff.
  18. Pivetor

    Pivetor Green Slime

    Thank you... I honestly do not see the point in commenting poorly on a person trying to help. I spent money on the game, why not get it back in subs >.>
  19. Vaice

    Vaice Green Slime

    How are you going to be the lucky one out of 700+ subs?
    No thanks.
  20. Pivetor

    Pivetor Green Slime

    If you read, there are things that make you more likely to be picked.

    out of the 700 subscribers, i have about 300 that are actually active, out of the 300 i have about 50 that actually watch my videos on a daily bases.

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