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  1. Mistress Rarity Nightmarity

    Should put this in Off-topic or Forum Games IMO. Getting people to subscribe to your Youtube channel so you can raffle them a copy of Terraria is basically gambling and besides offering a copy of Terraria, it has little to do with the game.
  2. Pivetor Green Slime

    Not really? Its giving away a free version of the game.

    Why is the fact of subscribing to a youtube channel so hard? Its a free game, why is spending 5 seconds to click a yellow button that does not mean anything to you, matter for a free game. its FREE?
  3. Mistress Rarity Nightmarity

    If it's so meaningless, why not give the game away without all the hoops?
  4. Pivetor Green Slime

    Because, it has meaning to me. I am going for partner ship, and need a little more subscriptions. Why is it so much of a big deal, its a free game, i am giving away in a raffle.

  5. Blue Blue Personified

    Moved this to off topic, while it is about Terraria, its not a conversation about Terraria, gameplay, and is more focused on obtaining peoples travel to a yt channel.
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  6. Pivetor Green Slime

    Hey BLUE, off topic, but can you view, and help me with this thread please. It is a HUGE problem for me:
  7. Redmoonblade Green Slime

    Oh. It's the fact that some of us are smart enough to spot something stupid. You only want traffic to your youtube channel and you seem to like treating people like cattle for your bragging rights.
  8. Pivetor Green Slime

    I do not treat people like cattle? It irritating that people do not accept that i am giving away free terraria. If you see, i take the time to respond to every comment on my youtube channel, besides the terraria one, because all it is, is "chose me" So i cannot respond to that.

    Once again, it is an exchange of your traffic, for a free game. How is that stupid. If so, then 100% of website owners are quite, in your terms "Stupid" for paying people to bring them traffic. Its the same concept, but instead i am paying you all in a game...
  9. Pivetor Green Slime

    Well, for any one who wishes, feel free to comment about the actual stuff. No more trolling please and thank you :D
  10. Ptero Green Slime

    I don't know why everyone is complaining, I'll gladly click a subscribe button for a chance to get the game for a friend without having to pay for it.

    So how will you be contacting the winner? YT message?
  11. Mistress Rarity Nightmarity

    You can post the video on sites such as Facebook to increase your chances so long as you provide screenshots/links as proof.
  12. Pivetor Green Slime

    I will be doing the drawing on live stream, so everyone can see i am not just picking someone i know. And after that, if the person is not on, i will both YT Message him, and if i know his/her email, i will email them. Ill wait for a week for the response, and if they do not, i will do another give away for the prize since him/her did not claim it.
  13. Pivetor Green Slime

    I have 700+ subscribers for liking my content :D There are 2 reasons i am asking to be subbed.
    1. If you want something free it cannot be just handed to you. Hints why people play the lottery, they pay to win free stuff.
    2. It helps me know how is participating, and i cannot just do random people i dont know, and add them without knowing there YT name, or anything to the drawing, so this way it helps organize the drawings.
  14. Kelp Moderator

    It really isn't all the radical of an offer, people enter competitions all the time. Example; Radio or advertisement competitions where you pay for a chance to win, say a bit of money or a voucher. It doesn't take much effort and is free to just click subscribe for the chance to get Terraria for free. A lot of youtubers do it and they don't get disrespected for it, you cannot just decide to dislike someone just because they don't already have have a huge subscriber base and they are doing a give-away to increase their views.
  15. Towelie Green Slime

    Was going to sub to you but i dont use facebook so meh :p
  16. Issac Clarke Green Slime

    This is just me But you are one smart friggen person Pivetor
  17. Pivetor Green Slime

    lol, what does facebook have to do with anything?
  18. Pivetor Green Slime

    lol thanks :D

    But why?
  19. Issac Clarke Green Slime

    Gettin subs and members on the forums, your getting closer to a partnership= EPIC PLAN
  20. Pivetor Green Slime

    lol, its not really for the subs, i mainly want members on my forum. But yeah, i think it is a great way for a give away. Free for you, and we both benefit :D

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