Friend can't join server?

Discussion in 'In-Game Support Archive' started by Dink, May 27, 2011.

  1. Dink

    Dink Green Slime

    I'm hosting a non hamachi server and while I can join my own server just fine, my friends get that same can't connect message. I've tried switching my firewall, nothing changes. What can I do guys?
  2. Em0srawk

    Em0srawk Yellow Slime

    Are you giving them the right IP? What's their error message?
  3. CrazylikE

    CrazylikE Tim

    I dont know how well you know computers and networking, so I dont know if you know that a computer can have several IP addresses and that the "outside" world cannot access some of those IP's, so maybe you are giving out the wrong IP? Dont take it the wrong way if you DO know about this :) If you dont however, will give you the right IP to give for your server.
  4. Dink

    Dink Green Slime

    Nope, with the IP i get from there even I cant get into the game, and my friends especially can't. At least with the IP I found using ipconfig allowed me to join. :(
  5. Em0srawk

    Em0srawk Yellow Slime

    There's an IP for you, and an IP for others. If you use the IP for others you won't be able to connect (I think) and if others use the IP for you they won't be able to connect. The IP for you is your internal IP (or you can just type "localhost"), the IP for others is the one displayed on the site CrazylikE linked you to.
  6. DMiBY

    DMiBY Green Slime

    You need to make sure that the game is portforwarded correctly.

    It should be something like this:

    Terraria st: 7777 end: 7777 both IP.last number of IPv4

    If that is right you need to look at your Firewall.

    Search for Firewall using the Windows search bar in the start menu. Select "Allow programs through the firewall". Look for Terraria, there maybe 2, make sure both boxes for both Terraria's are ticked. Don't say "Oh I know I have done all this", just double check. :)

    If you still have a problem please post back quoting my post (Some or all) and give me your Router type and model. Along with your anti-virus.
  7. CrazylikE

    CrazylikE Tim

    Theres only 1 reason why people cant connect to your server with the IP from, and the reason for that being your computer refusing their connection, which basicly means you have a firewall doing that. Windows firewall? 3rd party firewall? Router with firewall?
  8. mokaiba

    mokaiba The Groom

    port forward, router might have firewall

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