Pre 1.2 Fully automated and semi-compact fluid duplicator

Discussion in 'Guides' started by 1ian5, Jan 29, 2013.

  1. 1ian5

    1ian5 Cursed Man

    So I saw a friend use some pumps and had an idea.

    And thus this device was born. It uses pumps and splitters to duplicate fluids at a higher rate than what you could achieve manually. We are now using it to farm obsidian. The thing is quite small if you ignore the massive storage tanks I added onto it, for hoarding's sake.

    The device essentially works by drawing lava from the storage, putting it through a splitter; re-inserting it into the storage; and repeating infinitely. Also managed to create a water source we can't drain? The machine is off and it doesn't flinch, no matter what we do to it? Just keeps dumping out water? Crazy.

    But anyways, I'm really not interested in making a tutorial for it if it IS valued, so here's a screenshot of the wiring inside it:
    (also don't mind the small change to the obsidian farm)

    I hope someone finds this of interest and use, I probably won't be checking this thread for comments. Feel free to use the design and improve upon it, it has probably already been done and all, but I haven't found it if it has. And lastly, apologies for anyone who hates how big the screenshots are.
    Also if I'm needed just add the account "flyingcouch" on steam who goes by the name "The Bagel King" and the avatar will match this forum's avatar.

    Now goodnight or good day to everyone.
  2. Paringo

    Paringo Green Slime

    This type of design is mentioned on the wiki, albeit the wiki version uses a much smaller space. Tbh, it looks more like indoor plumbing.
  3. Loki ISP

    Loki ISP Moderator Staff Member

    Moved to guides, as that does appear to be the intent.
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  4. Nomig

    Nomig Voodoo Demon

    You sir should make a guide on how to build good houses like that.
  5. Gmodlol61

    Gmodlol61 Necromancer

    Its tricky but I believe you need an item called imagination
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  6. boybot51

    boybot51 Slimed Zombie

    all ya gotta do to build houses like dat is have lots of wood,stone,creativity and other stuff you probobly dont got and dig about 500 feet underground and start building,make sure you got a grapling hook x3:p
  7. Naughty Fins

    Naughty Fins Devourer

    Its pretty tricky to build a giant building like that then transfer the fluids to the destination, as far as I've observed, an Two-Pump loop can generate fluids, because I've built a fountain and it keeps overflowing >:3
  8. boybot51

    boybot51 Slimed Zombie

    lol im building a house like that currently i have to use a freakin "All Items" map and i keep having to refresh it cuz im allways running out of buckets XD and other blocks XD but im using pumps to jack all the water from the ocean >:3
  9. Zaflis

    Zaflis Bone Serpent

    Basically for lava duplicator you have 2 x Lava tanks, 2 x 1-sec timers, 2 x Inlet pumps and 2 x Outlet pumps. First put some lava in tank 1. Pump lava from tank 1 bottom to tank 2 top. Pump lava from tank 2 bottom to tank 1 top. Each pumps wiring is strictly separated, and connected to timer.

    I guess it can be more efficient than my previous attempts with using just 1 tank, 1 of each pump and 1 timer. It duplicates but propably slower, although is still very fast for water.
  10. Hamdrax

    Hamdrax Undead Viking

    How I envy you =P tried doing that once...and let's just say the outcome was a bunch off disappointment,facepalms,wasted space,wires and pumps,(literal) pain and anger. So I can say my device was a success (kinda) though It didn't give obsidian.... but It gave out much...much more...
  11. Shaun

    Shaun Dark Caster

    Yea this topic has been heavily discussed in the past, the Wiki has a picture of the most compact water generator available using pumps:

    I don't believe this exact design works for lava (falls slower) so switching out for a slower timer works better as the reservoir would drain out before the lava settles.

    But as for your post, water being drained off screen typically will never run empty (also pumps working off screen are much more efficient thanks to that).

    Link to the Wiki water generation guide (pump methods at bottom)

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