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Discussion in 'PC' started by Orior, Oct 13, 2011.

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  1. Orior

    Orior Hornet

    I call it.. the Orior Gate!
    (Guess how I came up with that one, lol)

    (Please don't feel offended, if I quoted you!)

    Some even call me mad. And why? Because I dared to dream of my own race of atomic monsters, atomic supermen with octagonal shaped bodies that suck blood...

    Eherm! Moving on!

    Here it is:
    An Orior gate can save you lots of traveling time!

    Other examples:
    Show Spoiler

    Video covering how to use and make one:
    (as well as explaining how it works!)
    Show Spoiler

    How to use it:
    1. Make sure the door is open, and make sure there is a piece of sand on top of it. Also make sure you have your spawn set at the bed.

    2. Close the door.
    3. Right after you close the door, use your magic mirror.
    |Have the magic mirror hotkeyed, right click on the door and instantly left click to teleport.
    4.Use your magic mirror to teleport back!

    How it works:

    These are the rules this portal device are based on. As you probably have noticed, very much of the background wall of the house have been removed, too much in fact. The house does not have enough background walls to qualify as a home!
    Thus the bed cannot be used for a spawn. When you close the door, the sand falls down. Sand can however rest on top of torches, so the sand is stuck before hitting the floor. Conveniently, the sand patches up a hole in the roof, making the actual room smaller. Now, because the room itself is smaller, the requirement for background walls have changed.
    So while the sand is ontop of the torch, the room has excactly enough walls to count as a home, thus making the bed usable once more.

    In short; While the sand is falling there is a small window of opportunity open, for you to teleport to spawn. After that, the bed will work again, and you can use the mirror to teleport back.

    Making your own:

    Show Spoiler

    (Measurements as requested, however I measured the tower/red line wrong. It should say 31 blocks, not 19. 250-31=219, so I managed to mix them up..)

    Making your own 2-way teleporter is easy. Make an equally sized house whatever material you like. Make a hole in the roof, and place a torch under it just like in the picture. The tower I made is just about the minimum, if you like you can make the tower taller to make the window of success bigger. Add a bed, a door on the tower, and a piece of sand. Use the image for reference.

    You also need a magic mirror.

    -The sand must be on the torch when you set your spawn.
    -The device may be modified quite alot. For example you could cover slightly more of the device with walls, you can change the size of the room, and the drop.

    -You can have several of these teleporters in your world, but you will need to walk to them to set your bedspawn manually.

    TL;DR: Sand up = world spawn, Sand down = Bed spawn

    I made this, after failing to find another topic. A similar device have been made before, that version was more compact. However mine is somewhat simpler, and easier to use. Many thanks to Galdrad! For coming up with this great concept. Though I did come up with this myself, I had the advantage of knowing it could be done.
    Original by Galdrad: http://www.terrariaonline.com/threads/machine-tp-terraria-d.51755/#post-872735
  2. MiniManolinho

    MiniManolinho Clinger

    Finally, someone had a working idea for this. Well, pretty good, friend.
  3. Menolith

    Menolith Cursed Man

    Brilliant. Absolutely brilliant.
  4. Orior

    Orior Hornet

    Thanks for the positive feedback!

    I also updated OP with another picture. An example of how to integrate the structure into your house. ;)
  5. NobleBB

    NobleBB Green Slime

    This is actually very clever! Well done.
    Now let's see who can build a Portal Gun... :3
  6. Orior

    Orior Hornet

    Come to think of it, I can use this to become famous!
    This device is now called the "Orior Gate".

    Anyway, I've started using the Orior gate myself to transport myself from the edge of the world where I have coral and harpy farms, to the middle where my hellavator is. Finally I'm not itching with pain at even the thought of running 7000 feet just to get more feathers!

    Also in the picture of my base, you can see I have 2 doors next to each other, and one of them are open. This is actually defense against blood moon, as zombies won't be able to open the doors while the inner door is open like that!
    I bet someone already thought of that one before me though.
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  7. MiniManolinho

    MiniManolinho Clinger

    Friend, I like your house! It's simple, and yet, it's beautiful and practical. Nice work. I'll try making a portal myself, as well, test it. Thanks. You deserve feedback.

    Edit What about measurements? You could make a quick edit in the first picture to show how much blocks and walls did you spend to make it, and where to place that quantity. It would be easier to copy it.
  8. NobleBB

    NobleBB Green Slime

    You should come up with different variants of Orior gates then! ;)
  9. eil

    eil Green Slime

    clever, crazy, interesting, but unusable(practically).
  10. Orior

    Orior Hornet

    I feel obligated to defend my creation. I disagree that it is impractical. I will however agree that it's uses are very limited. The gate can be placed anywhere, but the world spawn is always at the same place.

    I found it to be quite practical to teleport between the middle of the world (where I started out and made my hellavator) and my farming base, which is closer to the ocean. This way I have feathers, corals, and shark fins within reach without having to travel long distances. These are VERY useful for alchemy.

    An Orior gate can also replace the hellevator, if one would wish so. (I still prefer the traditional hellevator)
    You can place one near the dungeon, and always be able to go there when you want to.
    The gate can also make more use of the nurse, as I'm sure you would agree she is more useful if you are trying to complete the dungeon, then if you spawned by your house.

    It replaces traveling between two commonly visited areas. It's worth mentioning that it is available to low-geared characters. :p

    Use your imagination.
  11. Gravemind

    Gravemind Green Slime

    Now your thinking with Portals(TM)
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  12. MiniManolinho

    MiniManolinho Clinger

    Now you're traveling long distances inside your Terrarian world with Portals.
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  13. Orior

    Orior Hornet



    Done and done!
  14. MiniManolinho

    MiniManolinho Clinger

    Thanks, it'll be very useful for lazy people. I've done it already, also adapted it to a Harpy Farm, since I accidentally put it too high, and they started spawning. So yeah, it's pretty good, and useful. By the way, careful with one-word posts.
  15. Dralger

    Dralger Cursed Man

    Wow very clever manipulation of game mechanics Orior, color me impressed. I will have to try this as soon as I get off work today...
  16. Demonator

    Demonator Guest

    Wow. Nice man. :3 I'm gonna use this in SP! :3
  17. Drazzt

    Drazzt Demon Eye

    +1000 for the Farnsworth quote, its one of my favourites :p
    Thats a great Idea, my friends and I used to destroy the bed to change the spawn then replace it, this is much easier ^^
    Nice work.
  18. Orior

    Orior Hornet

    I hoped someone would notice that!
  19. Drazzt

    Drazzt Demon Eye

    Haha! Yeah, any crazy experiment sponsored by Farnsworth is okay with me!
    You just need to build some sort of death clock or death ray now!

    ....or perhaps some sort of death clock?
  20. Anzerthu

    Anzerthu Yellow Slime

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