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Discussion in 'Released Mods' started by Eikester, Apr 22, 2013.

  1. dragonid1423

    dragonid1423 Cursed Man

    All I get is the the Hash value Terraria.exe is incorrect! Make sure you have a legal copy of the game!

    I do, Even the old launcher told me this.
  2. Tunnel King

    Tunnel King Moderator Staff Member

    See my previous post. GL currently not working for new installs.
  3. jac1011

    jac1011 Angel Statue

    Thanks testing it right now
  4. jac1011

    jac1011 Angel Statue

    yeah... you should be a god :D (no kidding) btw sorry for my english i speak mostly french
  5. Tunnel King

    Tunnel King Moderator Staff Member

    Eikester (author) confirmed that there needs to be a small change made to make GL work with 1.2, you can probably expect an update soon.
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  6. master-chief

    master-chief Angel Statue

    the new luncher deleted all my terraria data
  7. Eikester

    Eikester Possessed Armor

    Added Update 3.1

    Works now with
    Added Menu to Install Older Terraria Versions
    • this feature is experimental, use at own risk
    • currently only 1.1.2
    • 1.0.4 is disabled because it causes a crash (will be added in together with other Versions like 1.0.6)
    • this only works against the latest legit Terraria version
      • when an update comes out i will need a few hours to update the diff Patches
    • this only patches the exe to an older version (you will have the new Tile/Item Graphics and Sounds for now)
    • !Works by using diff patches, no original files will be shared!
    If you have problems installing the Launcher try to Redownload Terraria and install GL again
    Also its always a good idea to run the Installer as Administrator
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  8. Splinti

    Splinti Green Slime

    The link for the 3.0.1 Update and the 3.1 Update all leads to the 3.0 version... Normal?? Because with the 3.0 version It says I cannot install it, because the hash value for terraria.exe is wrong
  9. Tunnel King

    Tunnel King Moderator Staff Member

    Addendum to my earlier post: you can start both 'classic' Terraria and tConfig, along with 1.2, from the Game Launcher, but there are some caveats.
    1. Both old and new Terraria use the same 'config.dat' file for the game settings/control configuration. They expect them to be in different formats, however. So, running one after having run the other will cause problems with sound volume, movement controls, etc. A work-around would be to maintain separate copies of this file, and manually copy the one you need into place before running the app.
    2. Terraria (at least the old version) had hard-coded path names to find content (the sprites, sounds, music, etc.) So, running 'classic' Terraria picks up the new 1.2 sprites instead of the old ones, and it looks kind of funky. A work-around would be to create a 'classic' textures/sounds/fonts/music pack for TCCL/TCCLtC.
    Eikester, when/if you update TCCL/TCCLtC for 1.2, would you consider leaving in legacy support for 1.1.2? Even if you just had the current 1.1.2 versions as unsupported downloads, and separate new versions for 1.2 and beyond, that would be appreciated.
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  10. Grox the Great

    Grox the Great Snatcher

    I'm having a problem with game launcher 3.1, I can't run 1.2 through it. Every time I try, it tells me to 'run it through steam', which is the normal response if you just try and run the .exe manually. I am not sure what changed, but because of this I cannot run 1.2 through the launcher making it's use fairly pointless.

    Yes, I have a legit copy and yes, it's on steam and yes, it runs fine on it's own and yes, I can run tConfig from the launcher, it is only 1.2 that has this problem.
  11. Eikester

    Eikester Possessed Armor

    i have this problem sometimes if the steam servers are to busy or in maintenance, also i don't want to remove the steam check (its the same check that vanilla terraria uses)

    Also Updated to 3.2 to make it work with
    Updated the Downgrade Feature
    All content files will be patched too, that means if you play 1.0.4 your game looks like 1.0.4 (no more Textures/Sprites/Sounds of 1.2)​
    No Original Files will be shared this way, its only a bunch of Binary Diff Files​
    Currently 1.0.4 and 1.1.2 (more to come as soon as possible, nostalgia)​
    Still experimental feature, Crashes may happen, if so please report and i will look into it​
    !Backup your World/Player Files before downgrading​
    Downgrades will be installed into "Terraria\Older Versions\Terraria + vvvv" vvvv = Version Number​
    If you get a crash first try to delete the "config.dat" in "My Games\Terraria" (or rename)​
  12. Grox the Great

    Grox the Great Snatcher

    Oh no, I was definitely not asking you to remove the steam check! I just wondered why the older version worked fine but this one did not. Thanks for clearing that up!

    EDIT: I am not sure that's the only cause. I just updated to the latest game launcher, and when I try to run yet again it tells me to launch through steam. It did not work in all tries I have done between when I reported it and now, so steam server lag seems to be unlikely as the only cause. Did you change anything between the 1.1 and 1.2 versions that could have caused this? I AM using the game launcher through steam, so I don't see why it would say that.

    EDIT2: Ok I found the problem, the old game launcher asked me to provide admin permission when I launched it, the new one does not do this until I try to run 1.2 itself. When I changed the permission for the launcher, it fixed the issue.
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  13. Eikester

    Eikester Possessed Armor

    Released an new Update:
    Added Menuoptions to install Terraria Versions 1.0 and

    Updated to
    Added Terraria Version 1.0.5 Diffpatch
    Temp Files/Folders will be removed after installing a patch
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  14. Zero-Exodus

    Zero-Exodus Wraith

    Oh Eikei how I love thee

    i'd love to go back... but then I miss the new stuff.... but I have no other way to play RTR and such and such...... impatiently awaiting tAPI
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  15. Jegus

    Jegus Green Slime

    Ever since 1.2, my installer refuses to make a TerrariaOriginalBackup.exe, which prevents me from installing tconfig (or even playing the vanilla game). What's up with that? Installation completes with no errors
  16. Klokinator

    Klokinator Angry Nimbus

    I may need to rewrite my pinned tutorial for 1.2 unless much hasn't changed?
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  17. Eikester

    Eikester Possessed Armor

    have you tried with a clean install of Terraria? I mean redownload trough Steam (verify Cache) and then installing Game Launcher again? Also tConfig is discontinued and will not work with 1.2, you can install 1.1.2 trough the Game Launcher Menu ("Older Terraria Versions") and point the tConfig Installer to the new subfolder "Older Versions\Terraria 112" and use "Add App" to manually add tConfig to the Apps list (maybe someone can explain this better because my english sucks lol)

    Edit: just noticed i made a typo in the inno setup script (i hate the what ever language it is lol)
    should now work
  18. Darkercloud

    Darkercloud Lava Slime

    Can you add 1.2, on installing older versions?
  19. R5N250E24

    R5N250E24 Snow Flinx

    how to get tccl to launch
    it doesn't appears in the list and if i try to put it into the list my self it won't start
  20. alely

    alely Cursed Man

    How to uninstall? :/

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