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  1. Pfhoenix Demon Eye

    - updated to 1.1.2

    I've been working on a custom dedicated server (with Redigit's blessing). I've added game mode support, implementing the following game modes :

    Apocalypse - lots, I mean, lots of monsters that the server sets spawn and attack all players. Players are in friendly competition to kill as many as they can before day breaks (or they all die). Server keeps track of total kills per player per enemy over time, as well as announces individual scores and winner performance.

    Deathmatch - classic multiplayer mayhem. Players kill each other to reach a kill goal first. Server tracks simple things like who is in the lead, multi-kills, and streaks.

    Invasion - players fight co-operatively against oncoming waves of successively more difficult enemies organized into rounds of play. 5 waves per round, every 5th wave is a boss fight (with accompianying annoyances), and every round the enemies get progressively more numerous and have more health. The more players playing, the more enemies there are, and the more health they have as well. Admins can also create custom Invasion setting files, see below for details.

    Juggernaut - players fight to be the Juggernaut, who is the only one who can gain points for kills. Players gain a point for becoming the Juggernaut, and the Juggernaut takes reduced damage. Server tracks the same things as with Deathmatch.

    Planned :
    - new game mode Team Deathmatch

    All game modes are started from the server console via the "game" command (type "game" for help and options at the console). It is vital to note that this is strictly a replacement for the dedicated server, ergo no modding of clients, no allowing any special griefing or cheating beyond what people already get away with.

    Installation :

    Navigate to your Terraria directory (typically C:\Program Files(x86)\Steam\Steamapps\Common\Terraria). Rename TerrariaServer.exe to something else to protect it from being overwritten. Unzip the TerrariaServer.exe file from the zip file to that directory, and then run as normal.

    Invasion Custom Settings :

    Place all desired setting files in your My Documents (just Documents on Windows 7)\My Games\Terraria\Invasion\. Be sure the files have the extension of .cfg or Invasion will not see the files. To use a particular settings file, at the server console type "game in settings_file_name" (note the lack of a file extension used here).

    The text in the settings files needs to be in the following format (normal text is literal, underlined text is optional with following explanation in italics) :


    (1) this starts the round definition. When parsing the file, every time the server hits a round definition line, a new round group will be started
    (2) putting a number (not the # character) after the wave line will tell the server to only spawn that number of enemies. If you do not put a number (don't forget the : separator), the server will spawn all of the enemies for the wave. When parsing the file, every time the server hits a wave definition line, a new wave group will be started
    (3) replace "enemies" with the name of the enemies you want to spawn. Note that the names are pluralized, just like with Apocalypse. If you typo the enemy name, the entry will be ignored. By adding a number after the enemy name (including the : separator), the server will spawn that number of that enemy for that wave
    (4) you can have as many enemies as you want listed for a wave, but each enemy must be on a separate line
    (5) by adding a ! (using the : separator) to an enemy definition line, you're telling the server that that enemy (along with the corresponding number if you set it) must be spawned for that wave. This allows you to set specific enemies for waves, while still allowing the server to (possibly) spawn only a limited set of enemies

    It's very important to understand that when you use a custom settings file for Invasion, the server will not do a number of things for you :
    - randomize boss waves at the end of each round
    - ramp up numbers of enemies, nor their health, based on player count
    - ramp up numbers of enemies, nor their health, based on round number
    - indefinitely spawn waves and rounds of enemies

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  2. Fish Bowl Cave Bat

    Holy COW this sounds amazing! I'm trying it now!
  3. Zidonuke Slimed Zombie

    I would hope we can see some of the source related to this. Then they can be implemented into TShock and such.
  4. Pfhoenix Demon Eye

    There's room in the community for TShock and other server mods.
  5. FatObeseBird Snatcher

    umm how do you even use this? no pictures and no instructions the downloaded file works exactly the same as original TerrariaServer =__=
  6. Zidonuke Slimed Zombie

    Still, is there any source code for your mod to be shown without having to reverse it? I mean thats not hard but meh.
  7. Pfhoenix Demon Eye

    FatObeseBird : as I wrote in the first post, type "game" at the console to see the options. It really is self-explanatory.
  8. Fish Bowl Cave Bat

    I can't stop playing with this. Thank you, SO much for this. I appreciate your work so much.
  9. saison Blazing Wheel

    I really liked it when I tried it last night! :D I couldn't get it to give me a list of enemies, but pretty awesome nonetheless.
  10. Pfhoenix Demon Eye

    If you type "game apoc <enemy name or partial match>", it'll tell you what enemy names match what you put, and if only one matches, it starts the game with that enemy.
  11. LargePanda Green Slime

    how can u end the apocolypse since its nonstop from day to night and night to day
  12. saison Blazing Wheel

    Type in gameover or game over. I forget which.
    LargePanda likes this.
  13. Pfhoenix Demon Eye

    Are you having an issue with the Apocalypse not ending at dawn? I've also discovered and fixed a bug where certain enemies aren't properly recognized for usage (skeleton archers, for example). I'm not planning on updating until I get a playable version of Invasion working first.
  14. LargePanda Green Slime

    I tried apocalypse for the zombies and when dawn comes slime's started to spawn. Also you should make an apocalypse of bosses like the eater of worlds it would be more interesting
  15. PortalShifter Lava Slime

    This sounds really awesome! Looking forward to trying it.
  16. FatObeseBird Snatcher

    alright i got it working but one problem: its hard to use apoc with mobs that have a space in its name and it has a shared part of the name example: demon eyes, there is a space if i put demon it will be demons(from hell), if i put eyes it asks wondering eyes or demon eyes
    also for the invasion mode i suppose its similar to nazi zombies?
  17. Pfhoenix Demon Eye

    As soon as I convert the server to 1.1.1, the bug fixes will be a part of the update.
  18. Pfhoenix Demon Eye

    Updated for 1.1.1, along with bug fixes and new additions. See OP.
  19. FatObeseBird Snatcher

    idea for invasion: a config file in the terraria folder something like this:

  20. Pfhoenix Demon Eye

    Are you finding it too easy by yourself?

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