[Game] Would you rather...

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Would you rather...

Pick this one? 100 vote(s) 43.9%
Or pick this one? 128 vote(s) 56.1%
  1. Lucama221 Dungeon Guardian

    Natural talents, I think I know what you mean.

    Comedy sketches or comedy anecdotes?
  2. Vinyl Luck TTX Green Slime

    Sketches. I'm actually alright at sketches. And I don't have to google it to find out what it actually is
    Being the STRONGEST or the smartest.
  3. medik3 Bunny

    Smartest... I think.

    Turquoise or Emerald Green?
  4. Lucama221 Dungeon Guardian

    Emerald Green.

    Old school rock or new age pop?
  5. Telepurte Floaty Gross

    Old school rock...

    Classical music with or without Opera singers?
  6. medik3 Bunny

    (damn ninjas...)

    Classical without opera.

    Canon or Nikon?
  7. Telepurte Floaty Gross


    Painting art or Musical art?
  8. medik3 Bunny

    I love and do both.
    But I prefer Painting art as more arty.

    Old Antique Cars or New Fast Cars?
  9. Telepurte Floaty Gross

    New fast cars

    Wheels or treads?
  10. medik3 Bunny

    (suddenly this post got less populated...)

    Men with or without mustaches?
  11. Lucama221 Dungeon Guardian

    Without moustaches.

    Road trip or Airplane flight?
  12. medik3 Bunny

    I've never traveled by Airplane, though I've flown with a Deltaplaner.
    And I want an Airplane flight!

    Heavy armor or light but helpful equipment?
  13. Lucama221 Dungeon Guardian

    Equipment, I rarely fight right in the front lines, or face to face, anyway.

    Sword and Shield or Bow and Arrow?
  14. medik3 Bunny

    Sword and Shield! (or two Shields liek a baws!!)

    Prefer Night or Day?
  15. zoomo Swamp Thing

    night, its calmer
    cheese or cracker?
  16. Lucama221 Dungeon Guardian

    Ninjas, ninjas everywhere.

    Crackers, chompchompchomp.

    A year in the playboy mansion or your dream house for life?
  17. medik3 Bunny

    In my dream house for life. (Which is a 6-storey tower in a mixed style of Medieval and Eastern traditions!)

    Masochistic or not?
  18. Telepurte Floaty Gross

    .... Maybe?

    Anime or manga?
  19. medik3 Bunny

  20. Telepurte Floaty Gross

    Yes... Yes I do....

    Cuteness or hotness?

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