[Game] Would you rather...

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Would you rather...

Pick this one? 100 vote(s) 43.9%
Or pick this one? 128 vote(s) 56.1%
  1. brawlfest10 Snatcher

    god i love both..
    kick or punch
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  2. zoomo Arapaima

    foot or hand
  3. brawlfest10 Snatcher

    cat or dog
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  4. Telepurte Floaty Gross


    Bruce lee or rock lee?
  5. Stackerzgame Fungi Bulb

    Rock Lee
    Water or Soda?
  6. brawlfest10 Snatcher

    Fight or flight
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  7. alexXxandra Green Slime


    Be stuck in a horror movie with no ending. OR. Be stuck in a Barney movie with no ending.
  8. brawlfest10 Snatcher

    Stars or Planets?
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  9. medik3 Bunny

    Planets. Stars shine too much, heat TOO much, pull planets to them and (eventually) destroy them or blow up themselves :(

    A visit to the Moon or a visit to a space station?
  10. brawlfest10 Snatcher

    space station, the moon is uninhabitable, and i would like a elongated stay :p
    -.- or 0.o
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  11. medik3 Bunny

    I rarely do 0.o

    Raining or Snowing?
  12. Falkvir Dark Caster

    Snowing, it's more visually appealing.

    Clear skies or cloud cover?
  13. medik3 Bunny

    Cloud, lots of clouds!

    If a meteorite falls nearby would you run away or go towards it?
  14. Stackerzgame Fungi Bulb

    Anime or Claymations
  15. Razor Knight Icy Merman


    Old anime or new anime?
  16. brawlfest10 Snatcher

    New anime
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  17. medik3 Bunny


    Lazor eyes or X-Ray eyes?
  18. Razor Knight Icy Merman

    Edit: Ninja'd.

    Lazors sound like Razors so they must be awesome by default. //Ego.

    Unmodded Minecraft or unmodded Terraria? //I went there.
  19. zoomo Arapaima

    Unnmodded terraria

    cat or dog?
  20. medik3 Bunny

    Cat. :3

    Raven or Wolf?
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