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    I want to make a full garden near house and was wondering what is the number of blocks for each type before the biome changes to that type like jungle and corruption.
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    I know that for Jungle, it's 80 (which is too low imo). I believe that the grass that grows above it and vines also count toward that, as do the moonglow plants themselves. I changed mine to 200 through a mod tweak, and I still get the biome change on a known 150 blocks of mud. So, if you keep it below 40 blocks with wood platforms underneath to eliminate vines, then there should be no biome change.

    I'll try to look up the amount for corruption, but I believe it's around 200 as well. Personally, I keep my corruption gardens in the corruption to keep it away from my base.

    Note that whatever you do, if you place background wall behind the garden and enclose it, then the only effects of the biome change are the background and music. This works for the 6 alchemy plants but not for mushrooms; regular and vile mushrooms won't grow in front of walls.

    EDIT: Yes, 200 corruption tiles changes the background & music.
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  3. thetravis0916

    thetravis0916 Green Slime

    thanks man

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