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  1. Icrine

    Icrine Hell Bat

    As title suggests, this will introduce the idea of gem dust, which is used as a spellcasting resource, similar to the rune system in Runescape if you ever played it (don't tell me about how horrible it is and stuff, that's not the point of this reference)

    So the main idea is to give gems a new use, in the form of spell-resources. Each gem is crafted into 50 sets of dust, and each color/gem represents an element you saw this coming

    Amethyst -> Dark/Purple/Black Dust : Corruption/Darkness
    Topaz -> Yellow Dust : Lightning/Light
    Sapphire -> Blue Dust: Water
    Emerald -> Green Dust: Nature
    Ruby -> Red Dust: Fire
    Diamond -> White Dust: Everything (It works as every single element)

    (These dusts are used in addition to the mana that is consumed when you cast the spell.)

    Of course, the above would not be complete without a handy list of spell suggestions, eh?

    Dark Spells:

    Dark Smog
    Image: A Black Branch
    Mana Cost: None
    Uses 1 dark dust
    Animation: Black vile powder
    Effect: This spell extinguishes light sources (it will break torches, candeliers, and other lighting, turn lava into obsidian, kill a player's orb of light, and "absorb/destroy" light). If it hits a mob, it deals minor damage but doesn't do anything else. If it hits a player, his screen will turn black, then fade back to normal over 5 seconds.

    Summon Undead
    Image: A Skull
    Mana Cost: 20
    Uses three dark dust
    Animation: Summons a zombie, a skeleton, and a cave bat randomly around the player. They are hostile :)

    Lightning Spells:

    Lightning Strike
    Image: A talisman shaped like a lightning bolt
    Mana Cost: 25
    Uses 1 Yellow Dust
    Effect: A piercing, near instant lightning strike pierces through the targetted location and deals high damage to enemies that get hit, also knocking them back by a huge amount. Has a slow refire rate, cannot be used underground.

    Orb of Light
    Uses 1 Yellow Dust

    Image: Light flares
    Mana cost: 50
    Uses 5 Yellow Dust
    Effect: Fills the surroundings of the user, including in solid objects, with sparkles of light. They last for 20 seconds before disappearing, and reveal nearly the entire screen. In addition, they deal minor damage to mobs when touched, but does not knock them back.

    Water Spells:

    Water Bolt
    Uses 1 Blue Dust
    Mana Cost reduced

    Image: 3 bubbles
    Mana Cost: 20
    Uses 3 Blue Dust
    Effect: Summons a bubble around the player's head. The bubble will provide air to the player even in water. Bubbles will slowly trickle out of the bubble. Lasts 30 seconds.

    Image: A chunk of ice
    Mana Cost: 50
    Uses 5 Blue Dust
    Effect: Summons a giant frost barrier in front of the player, 10 blocks tall. The barrier is a solid object, blocks/kills enemy projectiles, and takes 8 molten hammer hits to destroy. It will melt on its own after 20 seconds.

    Nature Spells:

    Razorleaf (Sorry for being unoriginal)
    Image: A leaf?
    Mana Cost: 15
    Uses 1 Green Dust
    Animation: Sends 5 leaves positioned around the character evenly flying at the target spot. Does not pierce, but the leaves will not knock back the enemy upon a successful hit. Slow refire rate

    Healing Aura
    Image: A sparkling herb
    Mana Cost: 100
    Uses 3 Green Dust
    Animation: Summons a cloud of green smoke, 5 x 8 thick, which grants 10 health regen (half a heart) per second to everything standing within it. Lasts for 20 seconds. Heals enemies as well, so be careful where you use it! (Does not follow the user) Can be casted repeatedly for stacking effect if you have enough mana.

    Earth Spikes
    Image: A brown, roughly-edged shuriken-shaped talisman.
    Mana Cost: 30
    Uses 3 Green Dust
    Animation: A number of dark, brown spikes protrude out of the surrounding dirt (up to 10 blocks radius away) at random, one every 0.5 seconds. Lasts 5 seconds, can protrude from the same tile multiple times.

    Fire Spells

    Image: A red tube
    Mana Cost: 20
    Uses 1 Fire Dust
    Animation: Water sceptre, but firey and further range.

    Summon Meteor
    Image: A burning rock
    Mana Cost: 75
    Uses 5 Fire Dust
    Animation: Causes a medium sized burning rock to fall out of the sky, similar to the starfury. At the impact location, it will explode, dealing AOE damage and leaving a single block of meteorite behind.

    Red Snail
    Image: A flaming shell
    Mana Cost: 10
    Uses 1 Fire Dust
    Animation: A slow moving blob of fire travels along the ground in front of the user, leaving behind a path of burning fire for 3 seconds. It disappears after moving 5 blocks. Deals high damage when it directly touches an enemy, but the resultant burning path deals low damage.

    Please leave your feedback and thoughts!
  2. Gzomyndzor

    Gzomyndzor Doctor Bones

    I really like this idea - it's great to have a way of using mana that isn't through a specific item like the flamelash. Spells are very effective in Runescape, so why not Terraria ^-^ Also, the effects the spells have means people can't really complain about mana being less powerful than melee, since poison and healing are great assets when fighting bosses.
  3. Icrine

    Icrine Hell Bat

    TBH, I don't really like the current "item = spell" system right now. Would be much better if they were equipped like accessories and given 5 hotkeys.

    Reason? Players grab the best magic weapon and don't change. For example, flamelash to deal with weak mobs, aqua sceptre/water bolt to deal with bosses...

    If spells are more utility-like and given different scenarios for offensive use, it might be much more interesting.
  4. MasterSorez

    MasterSorez Dark Caster

    Ooh. RuneScape style magic? :D
  5. Icrine

    Icrine Hell Bat

    Well, it's something like runescape I suppose... but I only used that reference sparingly to give people an easy idea of what it would be like.

    Tbh, I've been thinking about this for awhile. Thought it would already have been posted, but all I see around here are gem-socketing threads... which is also a fine mechanic for gems, but I like spells :)
  6. Fubble

    Fubble Green Slime

    I can definitely see this idea adding something new to the game the only problem being gems aren't super common. Maybe only high tier spells will require them?
  7. Dragonmagiccircle

    Dragonmagiccircle Demon Eye

    At first I thought that 50 sets of dust per gem was a lot (and I still think it is considering that they're found in clusters), but then I compared how many times one would use water bolt vs. how many sapphires they'd find. Makes sense.
  8. Icrine

    Icrine Hell Bat

    The number is mainly a placeholder. It's quite a large amount because of how hard is it to mine/grind for a specific kind of gem; in fact, 50 might be too little for people who're not interested in mining. Even if you only need to mine one deposit of the gem to be able to cast forever, that would still be at least 5 different gem deposits you have to find, and that's without any repeats in-game.

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