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  1. SuperDuperOctopus

    SuperDuperOctopus Yellow Slime

    I had this crazy Idea the other day.

    When you Defeat The Eye of Cthulu, You get a Yellow Gem piece.
    When you Defeat The Eater Of Worlds, You get a Blue Gem piece.
    When you Defeat Skeletron, You get a Red Gem piece.

    When you Combine all 3 Gemstones at a demon altar, You get a Gem. When you combine the Gem with the Voodoo Doll, you Get a Doll of Power. THIS Is used to Summon WOF.

    And,for Hardmode, When you Defeat the Twins, You get a Sacred piece, Along when You defeat Skeletron Prime and the Destroyer.

    Combine all the Sacred Pieces and get a sacred gem. Use the Sacred Gem to Destroy the Corruption.
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  2. Pentarctagon

    Pentarctagon Green Slime

    I definitely think something + the voodoo doll to summon the WoF would be nice. Just getting a random summon after killing a demon in the underworld is annoying.
  3. jhall5718

    jhall5718 Demon Eye

    This is a pretty nice idea because it would force you to fight the the three non hard mode bosses before the WOF
  4. Jace Altair

    Jace Altair Green Slime

    Gems are Trully Outrageous! (open)
  5. Lord Enki

    Lord Enki Green Slime

    Maybe I'm tired, but this actually does not sound like a bad idea.
  6. SuperDuperOctopus

    SuperDuperOctopus Yellow Slime

    I'm glad you like it. I just wanted to add a little more of a clear objective to Terraria.
  7. PinkManperson

    PinkManperson Demon Eye

    I ,myself Don't agree with this cause I like getting straight to the fight not having to go kill skele and earn all the stuff to summon the eye and worm I like just going down and fighting him so i disagree
  8. Lord Enki

    Lord Enki Green Slime

    Aye. I must have been tired. In further thought, I dont like this because, though it does prevent premature endboss summon, it kinda breaks the 'free-roam' sandbox style, where you can do anything in whatever order you want.
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  9. Mr.Person

    Mr.Person Moth

    Quite good idea. I could really see this infront of me In-Game.
    Here, put this on the thread.

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