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Discussion in 'PC' started by Bapho, May 8, 2011.

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  1. Bapho

    Bapho Green Slime


    We need some Members for our translation Team. We want to translate Ophinia's Wiki into german and hope that she will intigrate a Multi Language Wiki for Terraria.

    If you want to help us, send me a PM.

    The Conditions for joining our translation Team:

    -You must speak German and English
    -You'll have to invest a bit time (we don't want inactiv members)

    We hope that other people translate the Wiki into other languages like Spain,France or Japanese :)

    ps: If you search for a German Terraria Server you can PM me also cos i want to open one ;)
  2. Divisor86

    Divisor86 Green Slime

    hey ;D mach bitte nen server auf :D
  3. Wyn

    Wyn Wiki Manager

  4. CrazylikE

    CrazylikE Tim

    Not trying to hijack your thread here, but if anyone wants to start up a Norwegian translation team aswell, let me know and I'll help out.
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