Gernot's Creation Compendium Entries and Other Creations

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  1. GernotTheClonkeror

    GernotTheClonkeror Doctor Bones

    My thread that will have all my CC entries and other random Terraria Art made my me.
    I humbly accept this great honour, and bestow thanks on all commenters who have graced us with their presence and input.
    And so to the Art!
    Some of My Art! (open)

    GernotPixelArt.png TributesToHeroesPast.jpg All the heroes of old.jpg Aang Air Bending.png UntexturedGernot.png
    Aang.png Aang2.png AangNight.png
    Hidden Base:
    Cobalt Base Open.png Cobalt BaseHidden.png Schem for Snowball disguise.png Steampunk:
    Complete!.png Texture.png
    Underground Towns:
    FatherTimeTunnel.png Earthman Town.png
    Blue Candle Industries - UTex.png Blue Candle Industries.png Volcano:
    Video Games:
    Nessy!.png UNTEXNess.png Samus!.png UNTEXSamus.png GamingCCMapViewer.png And Now Unrelated Stuff:
    Cyclops 2.png Quash Him!.png Quash Him! UT.png CyclopssnoozeTex.png Cyclopssnooze.png CyclopsEpicTex.png CyclopsEpic.png
    BackWallCastle(Mythril Porticullis).png Our pet.png

    An entry to the Creation Compendium for 'Statues
    View attachment 38697
    Some of My Creations
    With building assistance from my sister, I created Tribute Statues to previous heroes of the land.

    Attached Files:

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  2. GernotTheClonkeror

    GernotTheClonkeror Doctor Bones

    Aang Air Bending.png

    Didn't know how to add to first post. Sorry. :D
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  3. PamTech

    PamTech Bunny

    I love the second one you posted. The one of her. For a second i thought it was something related to Zelda. Sweet stuff.
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  4. Stackerzgame

    Stackerzgame Bone Lee

    Looks neat with the textures
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  5. GernotTheClonkeror

    GernotTheClonkeror Doctor Bones

    Thanks guys, I'm using The New Zelda Pack for textures, and it really helps with looks.
    The second post was supposed to be Link from The Legend of Zelda, and the second picture just two girls that my sister and I made, although they are Zelda sprite-ish.
    This is him with Texture pack on.

    Oh, and how do you quote somebody with their actual words?
  6. GernotTheClonkeror

    GernotTheClonkeror Doctor Bones

    All the heroes of old.jpg
    Howard and Belle2.png
    Another couple of Statues added to the Collection, and a photo of them, all six together..
    The mythril hood didn't come out as well as I expected, but hey.
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  7. GernotTheClonkeror

    GernotTheClonkeror Doctor Bones

    My entry for the 'Infirmary' Creation Compendium.
    The Nurse Statue overlooks the Nurse's Station and Clonkvania General Hospital.
    The Floors of the Hospital are as follows.
    1st Floor = Reception and Files
    2nd Floor = Operating Theatre
    3rd + 4th Floors = Ward 1
    5th Floor = Pharmacy
    6th + 7th Floors = Ward 2
    Feel free to comment!
  8. GernotTheClonkeror

    GernotTheClonkeror Doctor Bones

    Just a quick background Castle I made out of grey brick and Snow brick walls, glass, and wooden beams.
  9. Enzym

    Enzym Umbrella Slime

    I would suggest that you put a full image instead of thumb nail...
    I not really good in making pixel art.... But I would say you've done a good job mate!!.

    And yeah challenging your self to make and build every compendium theme will surely sharpen your skill..:D
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  10. GernotTheClonkeror

    GernotTheClonkeror Doctor Bones

    This from a person who made a Nel Tu and Chopper of Epic Proportions.
    Anyway, following your advice I hereby post full sized images. (...Applause...Applause...)
    Here they are (open)

    Aang Air Bending.png
    All the heroes of old.jpg
    BackWallCastle(Mythril Porticullis).png
    Howard and Belle.png Link.png Our pet.png TributesToHeroesPast.jpg
    Show Spoiler
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  11. GernotTheClonkeror

    GernotTheClonkeror Doctor Bones

    My Entry for this weeks CC, an industrial port, with a newly made submarine!
    It's not as good as previous ones, but I was ill. . . (...begs forgiveness from fans...)
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  12. GernotTheClonkeror

    GernotTheClonkeror Doctor Bones

    Entry for the compendium!
    Aang from Avatar: The Last Airbender in the Avatar State (Note Harpies Remains on top from being torn apart. 8D)
    It's not my favourite, but it will have to do, unless I can whip something else up.
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  13. rangerofthewest

    rangerofthewest Icy Merman

    You sir, are an amazing pixelist. You have earned my --STAMP OF APPROVAL--
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  14. kalvindeane

    kalvindeane Bone Serpent

    It will be a good addition to the CC. :)
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  15. Furious George

    Furious George Green Slime

    Looks like his nutz are being set on fire!!! Looks good though.
  16. GernotTheClonkeror

    GernotTheClonkeror Doctor Bones

    To rangerofthewest and kalvindeane - my gratitude for the compliments. I appreciate any comments that come my way. Especially when they're good ones. And thankyou rangerofthewest, for the -STAMP OF APPROVAL- (...Da na na Naaaaaa...)(Gernot got -STAMP OF APPROVAL-. Gernot put it in the Medals Case.)
    To Furious George. . . Thanks for the second comment.
  17. GernotTheClonkeror

    GernotTheClonkeror Doctor Bones

    Here, my friends, is Aang at Night. AangNight.png
    (Just imagine the moons as extra large rocks. 8D
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  18. AyeAye12

    AyeAye12 Paladin

    Wow! I love how you got the 3-D effect!
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  19. Sercease

    Sercease Herpling

    Is that cobwebs? My god would it suck to fly into that, not for getting stuck but for having to put it all back after as you fight your way out.

    Love the design though, good job!
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  20. GernotTheClonkeror

    GernotTheClonkeror Doctor Bones

    Thanks guys, and yes, Sercease, Cloud in a bottle(jumping out again as soon as you hit it) was one of my best friends during the build.

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