Getting bored of Terraria too quickly :( , looking for advice

Discussion in 'PC' started by brolly, Jun 2, 2011.

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  1. brolly

    brolly Green Slime

    Hello, I bought terraria about a week ago and I hard tons of fun with it(I played like 8 hours a day[laptop class + nothing todo till end of semester, just sitting there :p]), but now I'm pretty bored, can't think of anything new to do. As far as i know i did pretty much everything you can do.

    I got a pretty house, and almost all items (still no sunfury after killing like 300 bone serpents :(), cleared the jungle, cleared the dungeon, smashed most of the shadow orbs, killed eye of cthulu and eater of worlds about 3-4 times each, built mushroom farms, obsidian generator, star farm, i got every armor set above gold and only miss like 6 rare items. I did not use a map viewer nor duplicated my items to achieve this, i only used Frameskipping for farming bone serpens. I also did play multiplayer with a friend for like 3 hours.

    I can't think of more things to do in terraria, what is it that keeps you guys playing?

    Thank you in advance.
  2. Nivekolas

    Nivekolas Green Slime

    I only play with my friends, and one of them has a job (and because we are doing a team PvP world, it would be unfair with out him) so we don't play everyday. If you don't have enough friends to keep you busy, just restart. I've done it (although with friends) and it's just as fun the second time around.
  3. Misanthropy

    Misanthropy Green Slime

    You played 8hrs a day but MP only 3 hours in total? MP is the best thing there is!

    Grab a friend, explore - build common houses, cities even! Think outside of the box, build uncommon structures!
    Build a grenade / melee pvp arena - smash your friends to pieces!
  4. Urist_McMagma

    Urist_McMagma Green Slime

    Start building. The bigger, the better. The less practical, the better. The more insane, the better.

    Or new character, new world.
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  5. Memoriam

    Memoriam Green Slime

    You got 56 hours of gameplay into a $9.99 game.
    I think its time to quit.
  6. Dino Damage

    Dino Damage Green Slime

    Without massive building projects, you've probably gotten as much entertainment as you can out of Terraria until the next large update.

    You might want to look into another game to play until something is added or changed.
  7. Bronski

    Bronski Green Slime

    Yeah not everything is meant to be a world you live in forever :p
  8. Unholyrath

    Unholyrath Eskimo Zombie

    Make a new character, toss him into a Large map, and go crazy exploring the underground. But don't rush towards higher end gear, just enjoy the adventure of running from cave to cave in your Iron armor and Iron sword, terrified of those freaking Mother Slimes.
  9. Effsy

    Effsy Zombie

    I usually go on multiplayer with my friends and chuck dynamite down until lava, build huge structures...
    But seriously, a good game like this shouldn't be overplayed, otherwise it loses its golden touch, move on...
  10. Bump

    Bump Dark Caster

    I build nice things..... The mining got boring a while ago. I spend more time on the forum then the game really.
  11. Sir CheeseEater

    Sir CheeseEater Green Slime

    If I was you, I would start a new character and take the game as slow as possible, or get a few friends on multiplayer and build a huge castle or something that fits your tastes.
  12. a11111

    a11111 Green Slime

    try to find a whoopie cushion without trading for it
  13. chasea6a6

    chasea6a6 Green Slime

    Wait for the next big update AKA 1.1 it will have TONS more features to keep you going, I watch youtube and see what i can create like water pumps,water things,lava traps, ocean traps, ect
  14. Gameinsky

    Gameinsky Penguin

    Start a freebuild server with your friends. Fun garantied.
  15. Fen_Hydra

    Fen_Hydra Green Slime

    This thread is from early June.

    I believe that the original poster has either gotten bored of Terraria or found things to do long ago.
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  16. JustGabriel

    JustGabriel Cave Bat

    And that means:
  17. ChromaticApparition

    ChromaticApparition Blazing Wheel

    Play with lava. It's the most fun thing ever for me.
    I'm experimenting with a layer of lava around my house. Theoretically, someone who tried to break in from the side would be met with hot, pyroclastic pain. Lava sprinklers, lava moats.... there's a lot to do.
  18. StoreMz

    StoreMz Green Slime

    Well going on a server is really fun especialy one with mods so you can spawn bosses. But for single player i suggest going on youtube and looking for inspiration on what to build.

    P.S. the sunfury is only in shadow chests
  19. Chaosmaster225

    Chaosmaster225 Green Slime

    If Terraria is getting boring you should probably take breaks from it and wait for 1.1. However, I can also recommend that you start creative projects.
  20. RandomFox

    RandomFox Dark Caster

    I dunno, that thing he chose to do could have been waiting patiently for an answer, lol.

    Seriously, if the guy even reads this I would suggest building things or waiting for new patches.
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