Glass walls

Discussion in 'Suggestions Archive' started by Cliff Hazard, Jul 6, 2011.

  1. Cliff Hazard

    Cliff Hazard Squirrel

    This is a simple idea, not sure why it wasn't implimented to begin with! Glass walls or perhaps windows. They keep monsters from spawning inside your house, AND you can see the time of day in the background. Current 'windows' look ugly, and are just holes in the wall! Which is fine for some structures, but not all.

    Example, I'm building a potion growing/mushroom farm greenhouse and I don't want to fill it in with wall, glass wall would be perfect for this occasion. Looks nice, keeps the monsters out.
  2. Dominius2003

    Dominius2003 Green Slime

    I think this has been suggested before, but I support it anyway. =)
  3. Darian Wulfbane

    Darian Wulfbane Green Slime

    I've always wanted glass walls, though I've always wondered if it was a bit of a troublesome idea. With a powerful hammer (since hammers are used to break glass) you could be trying to take out your glass and end up taking out walls as well on accident. It's not a huge deal, considering how easy sand is to get, but it's one of those little things that's bound to be complained about. Still, I support glass walls.
  4. Noras

    Noras The Groom

  5. Lazaro

    Lazaro Lava Slime

    Totally support, I wanted to make a post about it but anyway... I support it!
  6. Scarydragon

    Scarydragon Blazing Wheel

    Total support from me. I found my way around the 'windows' (read: hole in the wall) to make them less ugly, but mobs still seem to climb through them anyways! :p
  7. Cliff Hazard

    Cliff Hazard Squirrel

    I realised a bit late that there are multiple threads about this, so sorry about that. I didn't see any on the front page though.
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  8. Vapors

    Vapors Cursed Skull

    Thats why you use the search function and support existing threads instead, but as always, I support, but they need to include Hellstone-, Ebonstone- and Obsidian Walls as well.
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  9. Lazaro

    Lazaro Lava Slime

    There is nothing wrong, I think...
  10. dageek

    dageek Zombie

    We need this!
  11. Lazaro

    Lazaro Lava Slime

    I agree too!
  12. Scarydragon

    Scarydragon Blazing Wheel

    And all of the ore walls while they're at it. Might as well go all out, I want a completely gold ore room, make it look like a gold cave!
  13. Cliff Hazard

    Cliff Hazard Squirrel

    It would be interesting to see tinted windows also, and I"m going to do a mockup in this later today or tomorrow. Perhaps in GIMP.
  14. Khaotil

    Khaotil Squirrel

    Yes, yes, and yes again, I want Glass Walls!
    And tinted ones too, that would be neat :D
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