Goblin Castle and King - Cannon Battles :D

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    Hi everyone,

    I would like to be able to mount a cannon on top of my base and shoot different types of cannon balls, each type with different kinds of damage and materials required to craft.

    In order to be able to use the cannon, another requirement would be that you would have to have one of the new banners in your base to define what color of team you are on. The reason for this is that if you are in a PVP server you could have multiple cannons in different bases, and if you hit a friendly base by accident, it won't destroy their base. Personally I would like Flags to be added and use them instead of the banners to define teams, but w/e.

    Once you finally build a cannon and mount it on your base and put up a banner/flag, this would trigger a new boss fight, it would be: "The Goblin Castle"


    I know, but I like goblins and castles and it's my suggestion so yeah...

    The Goblins would have one or two cannons on their castle aswell and start periodically shooting cannon balls at your base in an attempt to destroy it, apart from that, goblins would also come to your base to invade just like in the goblin invasion battle thing.

    Inside the Goblin castle, there would be a Goblin king, and to win you would have to destroy enough of their castle for them to flee (80% ?) or destroy enough of their castle so that a cannon ball could hit and kill the king or so that you could break in and kill the king yourself.

    Goblin Castles would spawn not too far but not too close to your base.

    Cannon balls and explosions would destroy most stuff, but not chests so you can loot after the battle.

    Killing the Goblin King gives a rare chance to drop a piece of Goblin King Armor:

    Goblin King Armor:

    blah blah blah, I don't know what for stats BUT! the set bonus would be:

    SET BONUS: Launch Rocket

    Rockets are controlable and are crafted with 3 dynamite and 3 bombs and cause a little more damage than 1 stick of dynamite, there would have to be a cooldown for shooting a rocket and a mana cost. Rockets have a max stack of 1.

    Other requirements to activate the battle:

    you would first have to win a Goblin Invasion, and get a drop called "CANNON BARREL" (this way when their castle shows up, they have come back for revenge)

    after this, you would have to break enough Orbs of Darkness to fin a "Goblin Cannon Hull"

    and finally, Skeletron must have been defeated, the reason for this being to ensure that you are well enough equipped for this destructive and dangerous battle.

    On to the crafting and how it works stuff.

    To craft the cannon you need to have the "Cannon Barrel" and the "Goblin Cannon Hull" the Cannon once placed would be about 7 blocks wide by 4 blocks tall? IDK but that seems about right to me.

    in order to fire each shot from the cannon, it would require 1 stick of dynamite + 1 cannon ball.

    If you personally are firing the cannon, your camera would follow the shot so as to get a clear picture of where your hits are landing. To aim, it would work with ballistics similar to how it worked on games like gorillas for QBASIC (in DOS, yeah.... old school) or Scorched earth or charred dirt or other games like those. Left and Right would shift the barrel's position and Up and Down would set the cannons firing power or range.

    The Cannon Balls:

    Each tier 1 cannon ball would take 250 blocks of its corresponding material to craft.

    Each tier 2 cannon balls have their own specific requirments of material to craft.

    I'm Kind of iffy about tier 3 cannon balls but i will mention them anyway.

    Each type of cannon ball has a specific kind of effect

    Tier 1:

    -Sand/Mud/Ash Cannon Ball

    these cannon balls cause no damage but if they hit a mob or player they cause massive knockback (even with a cobalt shield on)

    -Dirt Cannon ball

    no explosion, only destroys wood, dirt and mud, not very big destruction.

    -Stone Cannon ball

    no explosion, destroys wood, Stone, dirt, mud and brick, intermediate destruction.

    Copper/Iron/Silver/Gold Cannon Ball

    small explosion, depending on the material you get more or less structre destruction. Destroys all kinds of material, the more durable the material, the less it destroys. Maybe some materials will recieve almost no damage, such as Ebonstone or Dungeon blocks.

    Tier 2:

    (from here on out, all the cannon balls are intended for PVP)

    -Corruption Cannon Ball

    Crafted with 250 Ebonstone, 1 Demonite bar, 10 rotten chunks, 5 bombs and 1 seed of corrpution. Wherever it hits, eaters of souls will start to spawn.

    Medium explosion, intermediate destruction. All kinds of material can be destroyed.

    -Meteorite Cannon Ball

    Crafted with 150 meteorite blocks, 1 dynamite, 5 bombs and 250 meteorite shots, where it hits, meteor heads will start to spawn.

    Medium explosion, large destruction. All kinds of material can be destroyed.

    -HellStone Cannon Ball

    Crafted with 500 hellstone ores, 3 dynamite, 9 bombs 5 spikey balls and 3 buckets of lava. Where it hits, it also spawns lava.

    Largest explosion, largest damage. All kinds of material will be destroyed, GUARANTEED!

    And now the "IFFY TIER 3"

    only one cannon ball so far:

    -Cuthulhu Cannon Ball

    Crafted with 100 lenses and 50 dark lenses, eats throo materials like a mole for 10 blocks distance once it hits. Spawns the eye of Cthulhu near the location where it hits. No explosion.

    I wish I hade drawing skills To show off the Goblin King and armor, rockets, Cannons and Cannon Balls but I don't. If anyone would like to support this idea and make sprites, that would be awesome!

    Any feedback is welcome.
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    Well ... hum ... is it only me, who has this image in mind while reading this suggestion?^^:

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    um, wow i would not like to be on the other side of those PvP Cannon balls
    This is what i was thinking


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