Pre 1.2 Goldfish farm? Crab engine?

Discussion in 'Guides' started by Dibidy, Dec 31, 2011.

  1. Dibidy

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    So, I when I was playing terraria, I stumbled upon goldfish farms. I was pretty much
    absorbed to it especially when it didn't function well. So I spent some time making


    Pretty much it. It generates 26 platinum per hour. The switch indicated by the red brick is the reset, the next switch starts the factory, the third one spawns a crab which will put the merchant in his place down there. Here's how it works.

    First of all, I made 2 versions of the farm.


    The one on the right is what I use. It is used only on regular days and nights [due to bloodmoon, corrupt goldfish dmg you big time(with high defense, cross necklace+bands of regen, this isn't a problem)]. You can let an NPC in to sell those goldfish, but you need obsidian skin potions [Alternative method:for the central spawner, get the lava out and just kill them with a fast sword or any weapon you prefer OR use spiky balls (useful if you don't have the luxury for obsidian skin potions)]. I made it really compact so that all goldfish will be accumulated. The one on the left uses a breathing reed and although you take lava dmg when entering, it isn't much(you should by now, have high tier gear). It is used on bloodmoons (bloodmoons give lots of money, more than the other setup) Overall, I recommend them both but it's up to you. So here's the wiring:


    As you can see, I connected each statue to 3 crab statues(just imagine the wires being connected xD). This is the maximum spawn rate of the goldfish. Actually it is possible with 7 fish statues, but again, NPC can't come in and it is very buggy. Some goldfish statues might not spawn to their max spawn rate.

    Next is the crab engine.


    You can use any crab engine design but this is more efficient since you only need two switches(the other being the reset). Wiring:


    With this setup, the crab traps itself in the box. No need for another button to trap the crab.This may not work but just add a hole like this:
    And make sure the stone block is active. Works all the time;).

    Connect it with other crab engines like this:

    One switch and all crab statues will spawn. I made it so that they'll spawn one by one. If you'll connect the switch to all crab statues, some fish statues won't spawn goldfish(explain later). That's why I set it up that when one crab spawns, another crab spawns, and so on. You can make it more compact though like in the first pic. It might be very complicated in making the wiring so I'll just post my wiring. If you are confused why your farm isn't working read the rest of the post.


    You might wonder why the last crab statue (the one on the top) is separately controlled by a switch. I don't know if it's a bug but it depends on the distance between statues. If you connect 6 crab statues to one switch and leave no spaces, only 3 spawn, but if you give enough space in between them, all 6 will spawn crabs [though with 7 statues, the 7th one should be far away(I think two blocks or more than the last crab statue in my farm) and I assume the distance needed between them will increase the more there are]. The horizontal setup I showed you has enough space between them so that all 6 will spawn at the same time. Now you might wonder why I didn't just connect them to one switch. It's because there's this fish statue. Same rules apply to the fish statue. Since the farm is compact, little space between the fish statues, only 3 statues will spawn goldfish. This is because there can only be 3 goldfish spawning at the same time(when there are little spaces). But if there is space, all goldfish will spawn. There shouldn't be space coz' a goldfish farm should be compact. Anyways, when 3 fish statues successfully spawn 1 goldfish each, they will continue to spawn them. So that's why I made the setup so that when one crab spawns, another spawns, and this will make a gap between each crab's time to hit the pressure plate. So, yeah that's all and my head is aching :confused:. Oh and don't forget about how crabs despawn when they are out of the screen.

    My design can be improved by making the last crab statue higher so that you don't need a switch to manually spawn it. Just make it higher and connect it to the previous crab statue's pressure plate. Also make the switches closer to pit.


    Note: Activate the crab statue that will put the NPC in it's place and then kill it. That's when you'll start the factory. Cheers!
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  2. Maxymax12

    Maxymax12 Green Slime

    This is very cool, I will try it out laterz.
    Kudos to you good sir!
  3. Dibidy

    Dibidy Slimed Zombie

    Thank you. :)
  4. Nausticus

    Nausticus Green Slime

    Holymoly this is the most complicated goldfish farm I've seen yet :O
  5. Dibidy

    Dibidy Slimed Zombie

    Yup. Complicated, but it's worth it in the end.;)
  6. Dibidy

    Dibidy Slimed Zombie

    I like it with water, I dunno, without water, it ain't pretty. Also when it's just lava, It's not as fast since the goldfish will spawn like they're jumping out of the statue then plummet to the floor. With water, the lava is at the center(where the fish usually jumps out) and instakills the goldfish. And nope, you get every goldfish 36/second (no goldfish wasted though there are times you can't reach, 99% of them will be collected). If you don't have the resources for obsidian skin then just get the lava out and kill them with a sword :D.
  7. MiniManolinho

    MiniManolinho Clinger

    This is great, friend. Seriously. This is epic. Nice work figuring and wiring this out.
    Now if only you had a bloodmoon... That's yet another reason why I, too, wouldn't have the middle statue.
  8. Dibidy

    Dibidy Slimed Zombie

    Welp, if you've got obsidian skin potions then you're good to go! The corrupt goldfish won't even scratch you coz' they get instakilled xD.

    Scratch that, yeah I think you'll get damaged (not sure though) but the other setup seems to work but is not as efficient as the other one. Here's me on a bloodmoon.
    It looks funny using a breathing reed :p.
  9. MiniManolinho

    MiniManolinho Clinger

    I find t much more effective during a Bloodmoon, right? Do the money that they drop is better than selling a stack of them?
  10. Dibidy

    Dibidy Slimed Zombie

    Yeah, bloodmoon is better. Wait a minute...You gave me an idea!!! The breathing reed setup is for bloodmoons!!! You don't need an NPC to come. hahaha
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    xXISPELLZZXx Eskimo Zombie

    I have seen some really complicated wiring, but this is the best farm with wiring I have seen so far.
  12. Nomig

    Nomig Voodoo Demon

    Great no longer a one word post
  13. Dibidy

    Dibidy Slimed Zombie

    Welp thanks! :)
  14. Coinboy

    Coinboy Green Slime

    Cool. I have to read again the last part, because i didn't got it at all, but seems to be cool.
  15. Dibidy

    Dibidy Slimed Zombie

    You don't have to understand it. Just follow the spacing between the crab engines in my farm though, you might want to make the top most crab engine higher(I think 2 blocks higher? just high enough that the crab won't despawn).
  16. Buchsbaum

    Buchsbaum Green Slime

    You beat me by 2.7 Fish/s :D
    I hereby grant you the title of fastest Goldfish-Gen atm!

    Btw. very nice idea with the self-trapping crab-engine, but i'd go crazy placing that many wires ^^

    There is maybe one thing you could make better:
    Place the middle statue on a wooden platform 1 block above bottom, fill 2 blocks water in and put lava on top.
    This way you should be able to stand right below the lava (able to use breathing reed, not needing any obsidian-potions), and I think you should be able to reach the npc right above the fish-statue.
    So basicly your right layout with the statue one block higher on a wooden platform and 1 block more water.
    Wiring shouldn't be a problem.
  17. Mr.Person

    Mr.Person Moth

    Very good, nice tutorial. Might make this =)
    Here, put this on the thread. Not many gets it =)
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  18. Dibidy

    Dibidy Slimed Zombie

    Thanks! Well, I still think yours is better mainly because it can be used anytime. Plus there's only a small difference between our money gain(26plat-24pat=2plat). Hmmm...that sounds good! I'll try that later :).

    Oh cool! Thanks :D
  19. Bubby

    Bubby Bunny

    Thanks for the tutorial!
  20. G1014

    G1014 Green Slime

    Holy... I can't understand a thing!, and I only have 1 crab 1 bunny statue lol.

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