Good Armor Texture?

Discussion in 'Player Creations & Screenshots' started by DarkCore1967, Nov 29, 2012.

  1. DarkCore1967

    DarkCore1967 Yellow Slime

    Im making a texture pack no theme chosen yet, Im just a beginner.

    Im starting with armors first.

    I intend to make the textures based around these.

    ( Iron Helmet )


    ( Iron BreastPlate )


    ( Iron PlateLegs )


    Are These Good?

    And Any Possible Themes The Could Fit Around?
  2. Fliqpy

    Fliqpy Green Slime

    I like, I like.... looks like it's sorta halo themed armour :D

    In my opinion, this armour would suit a Sci-Fi theme
  3. SamothUpaw

    SamothUpaw Face Monster

    Looks good.

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