Good Ways to Kill Wall of Flesh

Discussion in 'PC' started by Wanakilo, Dec 1, 2011.

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  1. Wanakilo

    Wanakilo Green Slime

    Me and a friend just tried to kill the Wall of Flesh on a multiplayer server, and ended up failing, quickly.

    I have full molten armor with full molten tools, nights edge and phoenix blaster, so I think I have good enough items, and we both had water walking potions to walk on the lava. Does anyone have any tips on how to kill Wall of Flesh?
  2. ashief

    ashief Green Slime

    What I did was take about 4 stacks of stone, and made a nice smooth walkway. Put colored torches near each end and just go back and forth.

    Worked well enough for me...
  3. Shaoni

    Shaoni Crimera

    On the topic, what weapon do you people recommend? I tried Star Cannon, but I used all my 300 stars and ended up failing...
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  4. ashief

    ashief Green Slime

    Well personally I farmed up 700 Hellfire arrows beforehand using a Molten Fury. Also a Phoenix Blaster with Meteorite shot helped. Switched to my Sunfury if it got close.

    Besides that buff up with every buff potion you can get. I spent a lot of time farming up buff potions from herbs.
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  5. Zyren

    Zyren Squirrel

    Maybe Molten is not the way to go....since you know...he lives in that biome.
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  6. Duss

    Duss Green Slime

    I just soled it,Full molten+phoenix blaster till my silver bullets ran out,than I changed to molten bow with unholy arrow then hellfire.Killed,it was pretty hard.Used alot of potions,and PLEASE USE WATER WALKING POTION for walk on lava
  7. ashief

    ashief Green Slime

    IDK why ppl won't just make platforms...
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  8. Lawlster

    Lawlster Green Slime

    someone invite me to their server? just email me the ip
  9. Patchumz

    Patchumz Dark Caster

    Easy, no need for overkill. Ironskin pots, maybe shine if you want. I used shadowscale armor and a molten fury with normal arrows. Then used a gravitation pot that ran out mid fight. I have all the lava closed off with dirt and stuff, and make sure no buildings will catch me. Now just be careful and shoot him to shit. Used around 500 arrows I think. Rocket boots are pretty much mandatory, but they're so easy to get now, there's no excuse not to use them :p.

    RAGEQUITTER Green Slime

    What I did was, Wear Molten armor NO ROCKET BOOTS no need but i need some lost my other pair D: anyways i made a path left to right first figure out what way he spawns and extend the other way then I used Rapid Minishark thing with +10 speed or something. Then spawned him used hellfire arrows on the maneater thiny's then after they all died i used mini shark on the eye balls since it did 10-20 Killed him twice in a row because my program closed. but, now I'm getting killed CONSTANTLY by Wyverns so be sure to stock up on some healing potions once I Killed the wall of flesh the blood moon rose and i got slaughtered along with all npc's and they wouldn't respawn even after 1h 50m lol so I have no idea how to get them back and I made a new world got all my Treasure Chests and kept bringing everything over now I live underground incase of some dumb ass wyverns and Blood Moon :sorry if im not of help just saying this worked for me I'm pretty sure Space Gun would be the best against him with molten armor but, oh well also I had 1.5k bullets not even silver so he will be easier for you guy's
  11. KevinAKANivek

    KevinAKANivek Green Slime

    Set up a skyway and use a gun and a spear. It'll work really well. Also, I'm willing to come on to your server and help you out if you'd like. PM me if so.
  12. Unicornzrboss

    Unicornzrboss Green Slime

    I had full molten armor, water walking/archery/iron skin/life regeneration/big healing potions. I used the best bow in the game with assorted arrows. I also used a Muramasa to kill the Hungry. It was all going fine with my skybridge, but when I ran out of skybridge, I could only run on lava/fly. My water walking potion ran out and I got stuck behind obstacles and eventually died after I got him down to about 2000 health.
    I suggest using everything I said, but bring some obsidian skin potions with you and make a skybridge that consists of at least 1000 blocks. Put dirt over all lava if you think you may run out of bridge. I also suggest using spiky balls depending on what level one of the eyeballs is at on your bridge. The Annoying Demon Skythe also does a lot of damage if you bring some mana potions with you.
  13. GR3NAD13R

    GR3NAD13R Squirrel

    me and a friend of mine used full necro armor, minisharks about 600 musket balls and as many buff potions as we could find
  14. Yaks

    Yaks Cursed Man

    First time I killed it was with the minishark, swiftness potions might be a good idea because he moves faster the lower his health gets.
  15. Kazooran

    Kazooran Demon Eye

    First time I killed him I used necro armor and a minishark with meteor shots. I had spectre boots and featherfall potion and made walkways over the larger lava pools. I used a Night's Edge to kill the hungries that got too close. Wasn't too bad of a fight.

    RAGEQUITTER Green Slime

    See I'm pro at killing him, but, lost my world pissed about it, Was getting ready to solo Destroyer with Clock assault Rifle and well now I might have to make a new world.... I may be totally f'd out of all my home equipment and all I have the red armor Equipted, 1 godly assault rifle 2k Crystal bullets, Pwnhammer, Demon Wings, Potions (of course) I honestly don't wanna start my castle again.... and to get my money back D: I was on the verge of going to solo everyboss one night after another but... now i'm screwed
  17. bob112

    bob112 Green Slime

    first time i killed WOF i had made a massive hellbridge out of dirt, stone, ash and obsidian stone the last two i got from mining through buildings and ash that were in my way and lit it up with torches. once i summoned WOF i ran backwards hitting it with demon scythe untill i ran out of mana (i had max mana and health) then i shot at it with a mini shark while i waited for my mana to recharge then started hitting it with the demon scythe again and repeated the process untill WOF was dead dodging eye lasers and using healing potions when neccasary i had molten armor on but that was it
  18. piinyouri

    piinyouri Lava Slime

    What I did:
    Made a massive stone walkway
    Full molten gear w molten fury, hellfire arrows 1 of every combat beneficial buff.
    Killed him before I even ran out of arrows, and only had to drink 4 potions.

    RAGEQUITTER Green Slime

    well there is a more legit way of killing it if you wanna do it, Takes little effort all you do is, Juster arrows to the hungry, Surfire thingy mabober to the eye, if you know it's the critical point of big wall of none escape, make the hell arena with NO obstructions behind you or you will infact get screwed by having to jump as it gets faster also like I said Find OUT WHICH way it goes in the beginning just drop the vodoo look for the hungry and where they are (Left or right) and then go home you will insta die but, it's eaiser then making the Hellarena from furthest point right to furthest point left just saying bros. Also if you kill him and get the Godly Clock Assault Rifle go against him again get crystal bullets and it will take you 2 minutes. I stacked 2k bullets for him d: if you ever want me to join a server just pm me kids, I wont have good things since I have to make a new home and i had all my treasure at that world that got screwed D:
  20. LaserTurtle

    LaserTurtle Yellow Slime

    demon scythe.

    Why isn't anyone here a mage?
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