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    My first post... anyway, I've been watching from a distance for a while now and finally got the courage to register and get to admire other people's works as well as get some tips on my creations.
    Small story first. After defeating all the bosses and getting the best gear, I had nothing to do. However, after a while I got the desire to build something but since I have no eye for architecture or building in general, I went to Google for some ideas and soon came across this place.
    I decided that since I can't do proper buildings without them looking horrendous abnormalities, I started building creatures and, well, stuff that aren't places to live in. (Except for one but it was mainly a test with the glowing 'shrooms.)
    Also, additional note: I've made all of these legitly. In other words, I gathered all the materials in-game and built them there. With my latest creation, this was... well, lightly put, tiresome. :confused:
    So many monsters, blood moons, potions, dynamite, lava... hrrrrrr.
    But then again, I shouldn't complain because there are so many other people here that have done that many, many times.
    Most of the pictures were taken with TEdit, though, since there's no way I can fit some of these on my screen while in Terraria.
    Show Spoiler
    Show Spoiler

    A hand! My very first creation. I was a little unsure about doing it free-form, so I made a little sketch with Photofiltre first.​
    My third creation, actually. (I don't think I'll post the second one because I think it loses its effect if viewed as a still picture.)​
    It's my lovely virusdroid! And I dislike the outlines of it greatly, but without them it looked worse. :(
    Funny thing however is that the second one and everything after that has been made only with Terraria. No sketches made in PF, hurray!​
    It's half of a mask.​
    In hindsight, it makes me think of the End of Evangelion.​
    The lighting's annoying me a bit but making a torch-beard wasn't an attractive choice either.​
    Here's the 'shroom test.​
    Nothing special but I noticed that mud has a nasty tendency to change into dirt.​
    I made a bridge across most of the corruption. The image doesn't show all of the bridge, but there isn't really anything elsewhere on it. which is a lie as you will soon see, hahaha...
    I've been meaning to build more there and make a little town but I've postponed that for a while.​
    A simple shrine on the bridge. Maybe it's a memorial place? Or maybe something else...​
    Oh, there is something else on the bridge and it doesn't look very pleased!​
    That mighty beast named Behemoth and the pit of flesh behind it are the things I've been working on for about 4-5 days and just "finished" them. I may have to tweak a few things with Behemoth and I've been thinking about building a heart in the pit of flesh. I just need to gather a lot of adamantite...​
    Here's some in-game shots of these two ambitious builds!​
    Behemoth's mane is fueled by rage. For the love of everything, don't touch it. An unfortunate flying eye did that. Now its remains lie before me, staring.​
    Staredown with the beast. Dontsneezedontsneezedontsneeze...​
    Deep within the pit, lies something... squishy... and ominous...​
    So, in the near future I'm planning to build more beasts and maybe that heart!
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    Bravo. A first pwnst to you. I tried importing the pictures via TEdit - it was quite ominous. Will you consider making "Schematics" of your creations? TEdit doesn't always get all the right information when you import stuff. In this case, none of the torches showed up. That said, I unequipped my miners helmet, and found navigating in the dark with nothing but the light of my rocket boots and flame arrows was quite the ominous experience.

    Finally, you built that all by hand? My mind is boggled.
  3. GameOver

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    Schematics, schematics... *Google check*
    Oh! In what way? Like a grid image, progress images, building video or what?
    I'm not quite familiar with that term, especially here, ehe.. :p

    Yeah, TEdit is kinda wonky. I don't know about importing problems since I haven't done so yet but my first idea was to take the picture of virusdroid with 'er normal blocks via TEdit. However, I noticed that the program made it seem as if the blocks were 1-2 blocks to the left of the places I had originally put them. So I just went to Terraria to take the picture and luckily, she fit perfectly on my screen.

    And yes, I did. Some went quick but Behemoth, however... demanded hours upon hours... thousands upon thousands of blocks of stone and ash just to make the iridescent bricks... and I got about 2 plats from killing all the mobs trying to attack me while building it in hardmode. And in corruption. And with several blood moons to hinder me.
    But quite frankly, the satisfaction of getting it finished was only greater. I don't think I'd gain much from just drawing it there with a map modder or something.
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    Have you hard that in hardmode corruption can convetnt mud into dirt and jungle grass into corrupted grass, but halloweed biome can't? Glowing mushroom grass can't be converted into corrupted grass. I love that hand.
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    Allow me to be the first to Like you.:)

    The behemoth is pretty cool - I like the way it holds the walkway, and the mane is very cool. I also like the Pit of Despair, I may have to borrow that idea...

    Some tips:

    -Try Terrafirma too for big pics - it can offer greater detail and textures that TEdit lacks.

    -In TEdit, to make a schematic:
    - Open your .wld file, zoom to view your build.
    - On the left bar, pick that blue box under the cursor arrow - it lets you select an area with a square.
    - After you've selected, click on the copy icon, also on the left bar.
    - Once it's copied, look to the right side now. Click on the Clipboard tab. You should see your copied area pictured there.
    - Pick Export, name it, and you've now saved a schematic of that build. Zip and upload. Others can now open their .wld, go to clipboard, Import your schematic and paste it to their .wld. When doing so, I often paste it in the sky, trim it how I like it, re-copy and then paste it from there. Also, when pasting, it's often helpful to uncheck the box that mentions pasting of empty squares. Experiment. The Undo button is your friend.


    Easier still: Find your .wld file. Zip it. Upload it here. Others can then download it and make their own schematics of your stuff however they like.

    That's if you're ok with sharing your stuff...

    Hope this is useful, and I look forward to seeing what you do next. Welcome to the forum.:)
  6. Voyager

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    Good stuff!
    Always have some water around when building with mud.
  7. GameOver

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    Aaa, I was thinking it was the corruption that caused it since I built there... I knew that corruption affects jungle grass, as it has completely covered any ground-level signs of the jungle. Now the quickest way there is the pit... :eek:

    Haha, thanks for the Like and for the warm welcome as well!

    So that's what it is... thanks for the quick tutorial. :D
    I'll definitely share my world one day but right now I wish to keep it to myself, since there's one work in progress right now (slightly bigger than Behemoth) and a lot of others I need to make.
    Don't want to spoil anything!

    Aaaaand I'll certainly give Terrafirma a try. (My current project is perfect for testing it too)

    Yup. Buckets of water.
    ... now, I really should put some water there... it wouldn't look bad..
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    Very nice work GO, I'm glad to see a new builder and creative mind who also gets the supplies and materials through playing (well I do 99% of the time) :p Cant wait to see what new exciting and unique new things you will build in the future ;)
  9. GameOver

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    Thank you~
    The more you work on it, the better. :D

    Agh, speaking of future builds... well, I haven't really done much because of matriculation exams and Rusty Hearts.
    However, before all that I did start on the second of the three biblical beasts: Leviathan.
    I have the form down but there're still some things to do, so I can only give some sneak previews for now.

    Show Spoiler

    I'll also start making the heart in the pit of flesh and after these two are finished, I'm thinking of making Thanatos from RH in another world. Thanatos is so cool that I just have to do it.
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    So it would seem that I died there and remained dead for several months but like many others, I returned to Terraria when the 1.2 hit! :p
    Let's see what we have here today...

    Show Spoiler
    So here's something small to start us off. Nothing special, to be honest. I was just intrigued by the adamantite pillars and wanted to try using them.

    Show Spoiler
    Here is something even simpler - a short wooden bridge.
    Tested the fences and slopes.

    Show Spoiler
    NOW we're talkin'!
    Here's Reaper, and he's not all that willing to let you pass him.
    He kind of serves as a wall between the 'normal' side of the world and the side that is far more grim and which holds dark secrets within.

    Show Spoiler
    An empty (excluding dumb NPCs) - possibly even haunted - house that accidentally happened as I was trying to build something with shadewood.
    It ended up having a small story behind it and then being fit into a bigger story that is basically the entire world that I am building stuff in.

    It seems like it has been unused for a while. Why?
    Maybe if I continue going to the left...

    Show Spoiler
    ... where we find a huge, vicious dog that drools lava and looks ever-so bloodthirsty.

    It's big, has tendrils behind it... and is seemingly merged with the earth...?

    Show Spoiler
    This Maw is located right next to modern (first) house.
    Like the dog, this also is part of the earth itself.
    It serves as a gruesome (and gooey!) gateway to the earth's core - specifically a house, that doesn't look all that comfortable.


    The Maw is basically a hellevator, that's still a wip. It needs more "fleshing" out and needs to be more menacing on the surface. :cool:

    Show Spoiler
    Something else seems to be bound in this molten desert... or rather, someone...

    And he most certainly is not happy about it as he tries to break the chains.

    It is a bit difficult to see, I apologise, but I felt like any more torches would've ruined the scene.
    (This was also a painting experiment!)

    Onwards to a few other things that don't have anything to do with this story-thingy!

    Show Spoiler
    This is my mushroom experiment from the first post and I decided to make it a little bigger.
    I have no idea what to fill the new space with, though!

    Show Spoiler
    Also from my first post, it's Behemoth with the 1.2 update.
    The update made the hellstone brick look so... I don't know, non-existent?? And that just wouldn't do, as I intended the mane to be firey and fearsome.
    So I decided to try the new crimstone ore - aka the Spiderman blocks (because the pattern kind of reminds me of Spiderman's outfit in the movies) - and oh boy does it glow now!

    Show Spoiler
    And last but not least, some deadly, feminine touch, as a character of mine strikes a pose.

    It looks really wonky in my opinion, and I really should have made it bigger.
    Maybe in the future.

    Now that that's done, I need to go build more!!
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