Grass Temple

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  1. novzeh

    novzeh Green Slime

    .The Grass Temple.


    made by ~nova
    This is the first map I've ever made, not too big, not too hard but has some tricky puzzles. I made this for myself really, showed some friends they said it was cool. So I decided to chuck it on here. The map can be played with 1 - 4 players, and it requires some skill and thinking to finish. Tell me what you think or if you find any bugs, show this to friends and just give some feedback. Heaps appreciated. Thanks.
    download: *BROKEN*
    If you have the file PLEASE send it to me

    Here's some more pics of the map:
    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]

    .Download Instructions.
    - Download the file from the link above.
    - Get the file inside the zip file, and put it in My Documents\My Games\Terraria\Worlds folder.
    - Once this is done it should appear in your worlds menu ingame.
    - Remember to start with a new character

    - Can't glitch air spawn to go on the map.
    - Some chests moved to avoid reaching them from unwanted places.
    - All items that should be in chests are in chests.
    - Updated thread on forum.
    - Added: can grapple to doors.
    - Annoying room near end is not stupid anymore
    - More Suspicious looking eyes, for if you fail
    - Hints make more sense
    - Magic Mirror now requires mana, there you go

    Note: some chests don't have all 4 copies of items, this is deliberate. Pickaxe for example. Each person should focus on an area so if there is a team playing they all have roles.


    - My sped up run.
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  2. Zakhep

    Zakhep Demon Eye

    I hate these kinds of maps

    And if your thinking about playing this map, forget about it

    Edit: sorry for what I said, but it's just too hard
    Note to self: Do not post on the forums when angry
  3. notsneakyninja

    notsneakyninja Demon Eye

    in the first part the chest with the lucky horse shoe is within reach from below. the chest dont all have 4 copys of the iteams wich led to some intersting times on the world. and u need to include that u can grapple to doors. but all in all this has to be my favorite map ive played.(so like best out of 12 maps) 9/10. and
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  4. Payne62

    Payne62 Green Slime

    i dont what kind of crack your on but get off it! this map is amazing! love what u did with the doors, but you could open the lucky horseshoe chest without using the grappling hook. and im not positive, but i dont think you put that you could grapple to doors. other than those couple mistakes, this map is awesome! keep making them!
  5. Payne62

    Payne62 Green Slime

    Oh and yes, me and ninja were playing homo. seriously. get your mind out of the gutter guys.
  6. novzeh

    novzeh Green Slime

    thankyou! yeah i had heaps of people test it, lost track of what items were taken with backups etc. but thanks!
  7. Servasus

    Servasus Green Slime

    I watched your preview video of this earlier. It looks great! I really like the atmosphere you gave it. Almost make you feel like you're playing Zelda. :D

    Also, don't let people like Zakhep get you down about difficulty of puzzles. If a puzzle is too hard for someone, they're bound to rage about it, but that doesn't mean it's a bad just means you didn't want it to be a breeze, which in my opinion is AWESOME.

    Keep up the good work. :)
  8. 65537kun

    65537kun Green Slime

    Screenshots. ALWAYS add screenshots when you are posting a map.
  9. novzeh

    novzeh Green Slime

    added :D
  10. notsneakyninja

    notsneakyninja Demon Eye

    your pretty diligent to tell the to post screen shots. on like every adventure map ive seen, ive seen u telling them to post screen shots.
  11. terrarian4

    terrarian4 Green Slime

    nice i love it:D
  12. 6ofHeartz

    6ofHeartz Green Slime

  13. Doctor Whoof

    Doctor Whoof Dark Caster

    Nice and fun. Breezed through it. But it was satisfying. Also, the glass part was quite genius.
  14. Play3rz

    Play3rz Green Slime

    For extra challenge; have blood moon at first night :D
    Great design, but hints were little confusing (atleast for me)
  15. novzeh

    novzeh Green Slime

    this is the first map i ever made, so ye thanks for feedback
  16. Since Zelda is my favorite game on earth, I shall harshly judge this map. Challenge accepted.

    EDIT: Also, if my friend eyedam liked it, it has to be at least mediocre.
  17. Lim

    Lim Green Slime

    I enjoyed it. The Eye of Cthulu was a bit easy because of the handguns, though.

    Perhaps try Eater of Worlds, instead?
  18. novzeh

    novzeh Green Slime

    Ocarina of Time <3
    harder boss, ok.
  19. Lim

    Lim Green Slime

    Also, if you continue to your base, you can steal the hellstone bars.

    Was that intended?
  20. Purplocity

    Purplocity Green Slime

    It was a nice map :), you left some goodies in the chest in your house xD

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