Greatest Terraria house ever

Discussion in 'General Map Discussion' started by MajorNoobOwnage, Jun 1, 2011.

  1. alright well probably not the best, but it's the best thing i've ever made.
    I got this game 4 days ago, and I think i've made some major progress. Thanks so much, please leave feedback below to tell me what you think.

    Thanks, and subscribe if you'd like to see more Terraria videos, as well as see the later versions of my house! :D
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  2. devilorchestra

    devilorchestra Green Slime

    cool house bro!
  3. thanks! it took a lot of work so i hope everyone likes it
  4. Kane Slavuta

    Kane Slavuta Green Slime

    i like how you said "Minecraft" in yyour post, maybe if you made it in minecraft, but only a 2d house? haha
  5. AlinDurr

    AlinDurr Green Slime

    except its not minecraft.
  6. oops i meant terraria... now how do i change the title
  7. Mibuwolf

    Mibuwolf Green Slime

    I honestly thought the minecraft in the title was for jokes or somethin.
  8. Oh sorry I just accidentally did it; I meant terraria; how do I change it?
  9. panduhz

    panduhz Green Slime

    i don't think i saw a single bed... plenty of rooms to put them in tho... just saying.
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  10. There are beds in this game...? lol
  11. migueldizona

    migueldizona Piranha

    god job for a newbie continue like that
  12. Thanks haha but I'm no newbie, I'm a pro
  13. migueldizona

    migueldizona Piranha

  14. hahaha yeahhh so how do i change the topic name...?
  15. GobTheGoblin

    GobTheGoblin Green Slime

    Your not a pro if you dont even know that there are beds in this game...
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  16. ...darn.
  17. so what should i add to this to make it better?
  18. ImAwesomeBro

    ImAwesomeBro Green Slime

    Wow thats actually really good for a beginner...
  19. Bearo

    Bearo Green Slime

    Looks like a sunken ship.
    Very good :}
  20. Thanks! :)

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