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Discussion in 'Suggestions Archive' started by Raylfish, Aug 19, 2011.

  1. Raylfish

    Raylfish Green Slime

    Green House:

    Made of 100 Glas

    in a glass house you can combine seeds to new seeds which grow new plants that naturally dont exists in terraria used for crafting high tier equipment or potions, maybe even new biomes

    i had only some ideas about the biome creation like combine glowing mushroom seeds with jungle grass (glowing jungle) or corrupted seeds with jungle seeds (corrupted jungle) but maybe other players can expand this idea so i posted it here.

    Edit: i realize at the moment that this thread would better fit in the biome thread, Could a mod switch it?
  2. Delra

    Delra Dark Caster

    Well I like a part of the idea. The green house I dont like. But I do like the idea of breeding plants to make new ones.
  3. Raylfish

    Raylfish Green Slime

    i thougt it was a good thing as a crafting station. But maybe there are other solutions
  4. zbeeblebrox

    zbeeblebrox Cursed Man

    Instead of being made of x amount of glass, how about adding glass background tiles and having the game define an enclosed glass structure with a dirt floor as being a greenhouse? Then it can be whatever size or shape you want beyond the natural restrictions of houses.

    I like this idea, since I see a lot of mulitplayer lets-plays end up building what amount to greenhouses anyway.
    Actually, where would a thread like this best fit? Biomes and Nature doesn't really cover houses, does it? Maybe game mechanics? Hmm. Technically, the biggest change is the addition of new items due to the greenhouse-specific plants, so maybe this is the best place.
  5. Raylfish

    Raylfish Green Slime

    Would also be an nice Idea
  6. zaba

    zaba Cursed Skull

    cros breading plants sick
  7. Raylfish

    Raylfish Green Slime

    Maybe also a mud floor. And the kind of seed you chose as ground (Jungle/Gras....) specific Plants grow with a randomly chance to get plants which dont exists in free nature, Or using Flower pots
  8. zbeeblebrox

    zbeeblebrox Cursed Man

    Ah yes, mud floors too!

    Although, to more realistically fit the existing mechanics, a better way to look at the greenhouse is as "a requirement to grow these non-natural plants" rather than an actual way to have those plants spawn (since it would be weird to treat it like a biome).

    The actual creation of those seeds would more appropriately be done through a specialized crafting station (haha because we don't have enough crafting stations obviously) that allows you to combine various plants to make the special seeds that only grow in the greenhouse.

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