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Discussion in 'Trading Archive' started by Greenshadow, Dec 10, 2011.

  1. Greenshadow Squirrel

    Welcome to my new Ore Shop!

    Currently in Stock:

    [IMG] Meteorite Ore x34
    [IMG] Demonite Ore x498
    [IMG] Demonite Bar x203
    [IMG] Hellstone x33

    If you look for other crafting material, check my Building & Crafting Material Shop.

    We can trade on my trade map or another one of your choice (no hamachi, please).

    Currently accepted payments:

    [IMG] Heart Statues
    [IMG] [IMG] [IMG] [IMG] Coins

    - superduder - destroying the trade tower and misc trolling - apologized, may be unbanned

    Special Customers:
    - Gamecrashed
    - XxFISHxX
    - jayerdown
    - Rubinen
    - Zalfuse

    Last but not least, check out my other shops! :D
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  2. donderrock Green Slime

    200 meteorite ore
    (possibly copper/iron/gold ore/bars)
    offer depends if you have the other items aswell
  3. donderrock Green Slime

    like 2 stacks each if possible?? will offer 40 plat for all
  4. Gamecrashed Green Slime

    How many coins for all your adamantite
  5. Gamecrashed Green Slime

    Sure... When can we trade I'll be ready in 30min about
  6. donderrock Green Slime

    ok can i buy that later tonight for 40-50 plat?
    i'm at my dad's house right now so can't trade yet i'll be able to trade in about 3hours (if you accept the offer)
  7. donderrock Green Slime

  8. Dooday Green Slime

    How much for the 15 myth bars?
  9. Dooday Green Slime

    Sure, you got a server?
  10. Comppu Green Slime

    30 plat for those cobalts?
  11. Danorpx Voodoo Demon

    How many for 20 stacks of adamantite?
  12. Greenshadow Squirrel

    Sorry, no adamantite in stock right now.
  13. Danorpx Voodoo Demon

  14. TweeZyy Green Slime

    Ill buy EVERY Meteorite ore/bar you have. Add icyspider on Steam :)
  15. Merchantcat Cursed Skull

    I need a stack of gold bars. i have some statues: Goblin, sunflower and mushroom i think
  16. Merchantcat Cursed Skull

    I need a stack of gold bars. i have some statues: Goblin, sunflower, goldfish,gargoyle and Mushrrom.
  17. Danorpx Voodoo Demon

    How many for all your mythril
  18. Greenshadow Squirrel

    Sorry, but I only sell what's in stock right now. I'm too busy to get all the stuff everyone needs.
  19. ARANDOMGUY Snow Flinx

  20. Mildew822 Cursed Man

    how much for 60 meteorite bars?

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