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Discussion in 'Trading Archive' started by Greenshadow, Dec 10, 2011.

  1. Greenshadow Squirrel

    Make me a reasonable offer.
  2. Xx3klipsExX Green Slime

    I don't want any ore, but I can sell you a heart statue. 1.5 plat?
  3. Greenshadow Squirrel

  4. Xx3klipsExX Green Slime

    ok, i'll set up the server now then send you the info. Is Hamachi ok?
  5. Xx3klipsExX Green Slime

    Oh wait... nevermind. That was a shield statue that I have. Looked like a heart. Sorry about that.
  6. Zalfuse Green Slime

    back again for another shopping need xD how much for the Meteorite Bars ? and are you taking anything besides heart statues?
  7. Greenshadow Squirrel

    Well, I take coins, but right now I'd also accept Mythril Ore / Bricks / Brick Walls. Do you want the Ore, too?
    Make me a reasonable offer.

    Edit: Slime Statues are also an option.
  8. Zalfuse Green Slime

    well im almost done with obtaining the flame thrower so im gonna need my statues xD how does this sound

    4 plat
    55 hellstone brick
    500 blue brick wall
    107 green brick
    for all the bars i dont need ore anymore got plenty of crystal bullets =)

    edit: i can also throw in 2 stacks of demonite bars oh also another note 1k gel takes up 19 slots of space
  9. Greenshadow Squirrel

    Okay I'll take that but insted of the Gel, Id like some of those Crystal Bullets, just bring as much as you find appropiate, as you'll become a special customer with this.

    Edit: Same server.
  10. Zalfuse Green Slime

    crap forgot the bars went back incase ya want em
  11. Xx3klipsExX Green Slime

    Still want a heart statue? I'll give you it and 1 plat for a bunny statue.
  12. Greenshadow Squirrel

    Sorry, don't have bunny statues.
  13. anixton Green Slime

    How much for the rest of your stock in money?
  14. Greenshadow Squirrel

    5 plat
  15. Aidoboy Demon Eye

    How much Hellstone ore for a heart statue?
  16. Aidoboy Demon Eye

    I also want cobalt, and I have a queen statue.
  17. Greenshadow Squirrel

    I don't have any cobalt right now and the poster before you wanted to buy everything left in my shop. If that trade doesn't happen, I can give you the 33 Hellstone I have left for a reasonable offer.
  18. Xx3klipsExX Green Slime

    How much cobalt do you want? I can sell some, or trade some for fish and bunny statues.
  19. Aidoboy Demon Eye

    I probably don't have the mony (I have like 7-10G) But what do you want to trade for it? I have lots of stuff.

    I only have the two statues mentioned above.
  20. Greenshadow Squirrel

    I'll give you the 33 Hellstone for a heart statue.

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