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Discussion in 'Trading Archive' started by Greenshadow, Dec 10, 2011.

  1. Aidoboy Demon Eye

    I already traded it with Xx3klipsExX for 175 cobalt, you ripoff
  2. Greenshadow Squirrel

    No need to get all grumpy.
  3. Aidoboy Demon Eye

    Your the one who tried to rip me off!
  4. Greenshadow Squirrel

    Yeah, I'm the rip-off after you said you'd trade a statue. Get over it, it's just a game. Congratulations on getting a better offer/trade.
  5. Aidoboy Demon Eye

    Maybe because you took a week to reply
  6. Greenshadow Squirrel

    It's all fine with me. I just don't want you to go all "He's a rip-off, don't trade with him!"
  7. Aidoboy Demon Eye

    Well, You are. why?
  8. Greenshadow Squirrel

    I'll just leave it here, I have better things to do than arguing with you.
  9. Mildew822 Cursed Man

    Never mind i have them now

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