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    As some of you may have noticed that the back for seconds trophy is a bit glitchy. I have found a method that is quite useful and will work.

    Step one: The first thing you will want to do is gather 2 every boss summon which includes: eye of cthulhu (made from 6 lenses), eater of worlds (made from 15 rotten chunks and 30 unperifed powder), slime king (made from crown and 99 gel), skeletron (talk to old man at dungeon during night), Wall of flesh (obtained from voodoo demons), twins (3 lenses, 10 souls of light, 5 iron ingots, 5 copper ingots), destroyer (6 rotten chunks, 10 souls of night, 5 iron ingots, 5 copper ingots), and skeletron prime (30 bones, 5 souls of light, 5 souls of night, 5 iron ingots, 5 copper ingots).

    Note: Ocram does not need to be defeated at all.

    Step two: Now you will need to gather 20 crystal hearts and 10 mana stars once this is done save game and back out of game. Grab a flash drive and put it into the input where you normally put your charger. Back up your file to the usb then get back on and transfer all the your armor, summons, heart crystals, mana stars, and weapons to a second account. After this is done delete your save file off of your ps3 or xbox.

    Step three: Go onto terraria and make a new world and a new character. Once on the world get on your second account and store your items in a chest or if you have two controllers just give the items to your new character. Use the mana stars and crystal stars as well.

    Step four: Now you should kill each of the bosses in this order; slime king twice, eye of cthulhu twice, eater of worlds twice, skeletron ONCE, wall of flesh twice (wait for guide to summon before second time of course), twins twice, destroyer twice, and skeletron prime twice. After second time the trophy should pop and you can back out of game and reload your data from your usb flash drive back onto your system.

    Note: Kill the SAME boss twice before moving onto the next.

    Hope this guide helps everyone :)
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    thanks i will be trying this later:)
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    OMG! thank u so very much for this! it helped me alot!

    also to anyone wondering, i think this doesn't need to be in one sitting
    in my case i beat every boss up till the second skeleton prime fight and then a power outage occurred. Afterwards i could still load up and summon prime and still got the trophy :3

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