Pre 1.2 Guide: Easiest Money Making Way (No Statues Needed)

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Is the guide/quality good

  1. Yes

  2. Alright

  3. I dont really care

  1. ESour2

    ESour2 Cave Bat

    This guide if good for middle game players

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    When the video is paused it looks red just click play and it wont look like that
  2. ESour2

    ESour2 Cave Bat

    Watch in Hd FullScreen Looks Much Better
  3. Deamweaver

    Deamweaver Green Slime

    I know a better way, but it does involve a Goldfish statue,But only one. I have it set up as a perpetual goldfish generator with double dart traps to kill the golds, so during the Blood moon it spawns corrupt goldies, it spawns like 15 at a time it takes awhile to start killing them but once it does you can get anywhere from 0.5 to 5 gold a tick (One tick is like one second) so in one night you can get like 3 to 5 Platinum. If you let it sit for awhile then get it it's more like 30 gold (Because the game only keeps track of a few items at a time. (The most I got in a night was 650 gold)
  4. Tunnel King

    Tunnel King Moderator Staff Member

    Why is the last half of the video blank? Couldn't you edit it down to the actual length of content?

    The video quality and execution looks good, you demonstrated the technique clearly and without a lot of extraneous fumbling around. The music was ok, not my style but it didn't distract from the video. Good effort.

    On the content, well, it's not really a "beginner" thing, is it? Playing legit, you'd have had to defeat Skeletron and saved the Mechanic in order to be able to do this, and before 1.0 that was basically endgame, wasn't it? Also, this is a well-known bug/hack documented in the wiki, sort of interesting but not really essential to game play. I mean, who needs that much money before hardmode? What is there to buy with it? It doesn't even really cost much to reforge pre-hardmode weapons, not that I see much point in doing that with the possible exception of the minishark. Everything else, you've probably gotten enough materials just digging around to remake weapons until you get a good prefix, then sell the poorer ones (profit!).

    In the pre-hardmode world I'm playing through now, I've got about 30 gold in a chest, I've bought a safe (50 gold). I haven't gone further in the Dungeon than to rescue the Mechanic, and I haven't smashed a single Shadow Orb, so no Dungeon goodies or guns or goblin armies/meteorites (yet). Only been deep enough to get a bucket of lava, and only explored the Underground Jungle enough to get materials for an Ivy Whip and Blade of Grass. I can make 2-3 gold every Terrarian day just exploring and getting enemy drops (that is, playing the game), and I already have anything worth buying.

    tl;dr, The video was good (excepting the blank space), but the technique is pointless (imho) unless you just want stacks of platinum coins for the heck of it. I'd rather build an obsidian generator; at least that takes a little bit of skill and planning.
  5. ESour2

    ESour2 Cave Bat

    Yeah i guess so and i tried to find out why the end of vid was blank
    still not sure on why the thumbnail is like that i could probally change it
    but thanks for the rply
  6. Fuma_zenkum

    Fuma_zenkum Green Slime

    That is a glitch, i've use that way too :).
  7. TUN3R

    TUN3R Cursed Skull

    Chests. Chests everywhere.
  8. Zinger

    Zinger Piranha

    um, misleading, says for beginners and thats a bit advanced for beginners,please fix it
  9. Stackerzgame

    Stackerzgame Bone Lee

    Yes, it's the cheat that we all know and that everyone always feels the need to post about. Long story short, it is pointless, ruins the game, and is not fun in any way. Now go make some money the real way.

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