PC Guide Feature: Building a Hatch/Trapdoor.

Discussion in 'News & Features' started by Kane, Jul 10, 2011.

  1. Kane

    Kane Administrator Staff Member

    Today we'd like to share an awesome guide by forum member Icrine: How to make a hatch/trapdoor. There are a lot of possible applications for this contraption, especially in PvP!
    Closed Trap:

    Trap In Action:

    Open Trap:

    Post feedback, screenshots and videos of your trap creations here or in Icrine's thread. To find and share other guides with the TO community, check out our Guides Section.
  2. Xeta Corp

    Xeta Corp Green Slime

    I love this trap! I will use it now.

    (Not for...any "taking over the world" things, of course, DON'T BE SILLY! :cool:)
  3. Anti-Positive

    Anti-Positive The Reversed One

    Nice trap, "Player walks up to me, *Shuts door* WHHHYYYY!?!"
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  4. ilemon

    ilemon Zombie

    You should make a built in lava generator for the trap.
  5. Teracotta

    Teracotta Green Slime

    But there's lava on the other side...
    Oh, well then...
  7. Icrine

    Icrine Hell Bat

  8. huldu

    huldu Cave Bat

    The majority of these maps would only work if the game had a "fog of war" for everything in front of you. Nobody in their right mind would walk through something obvious as a trap is in terraria. I've only seen one trap that was well hidden from the players but that had to be run at 800x600 or it would have been visible. Unless we players can actually "hide"/camouflage the traps so only the trap creator can see them, that is the only way this is going to work.
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  9. Icrine

    Icrine Hell Bat

    This is less of a lava trap as a blockade between you and whoever is chasing you, so technically it CAN work out :)
  10. Halo Diamond

    Halo Diamond Snatcher

    i agree. unless ur blind u will not close the door. here should be like pressure pads with wires on them that only the person who placed the pressure plate can see. you then connect the wire onto the door (kinda like LBP) and boom. when u step on the pressure pad the door opens. or it could be a switch or something. and the pressure pad can be a non-solid block and when your char or other walking mob is in that square it gose off. like if u think something like that should happin. (also means u can drag the wire to a door out of sight that has a sand trap going up higher than the chars sight. the right over the char full of lava and anything else u mad people can think of) like and comment :D *exits and closes the door behind me* oh shi-
  11. lukeaaa1

    lukeaaa1 Green Slime

    Well, you'll have to jump over it if someone is chasing you... And if they see you jump over it, then they will too because they'll just see lava and get scared.
  12. Icrine

    Icrine Hell Bat

    Jump over?... What are you talking about :confused:
  13. lukeaaa1

    lukeaaa1 Green Slime

    Well, if someone's you, then you wont be able to open the doors or else you die or at least set off the trap without them being inside... Therefore, you have to jump over the entire trap using grapple/boots whatever...
  14. Icrine

    Icrine Hell Bat

    The image obviously only showcases the mechanism. In the context of an implementation (an adventure map, dungeon, or similar) you wouldn't be able to jump over this.

    And its really less of a "killing" trap and more of one that is meant to block off paths. Closing the door will simply cause the lava to cascade and fill the gap between you and your pursuer after you've gone past the path. It's possible to modify the above into a trap meant for killing, but my point was to demonstrate the possibilities with my horizontal door idea. (PLEASE READ THE ORIGINAL THREAD FOR THE FULL CONTEXT)
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  15. Teu

    Teu Green Slime

    I feel duped! I came up with the hatch trick days ago and didn't post it!
    But in all seriousness nice work, that's a pretty nice trap.

    But I will get revenge, MUHAHAHAH
  16. Icrine

    Icrine Hell Bat

    It's ok, I doubt I was the first to think of this either, it's not exactly a very complex idea.
    Its when random people take the idea and expand on it that counts. For example, holding up sand with doors is part of the trap in this thread, and that's definitely not a first on the forums.

    EDIT: lol @ white font... only saw it in the quote box
  17. Teu

    Teu Green Slime

    Mhm, as I said, well done with the trap.
  18. Khaotil

    Khaotil Squirrel

    Well, there have been some suggestions to solve this kind of problems (if I may, here is my take on the subject)

    Great trap! Very imaginative! Be sure I'll try to include this one on my adventure map! :)
  19. DemonicAnahka

    DemonicAnahka Green Slime

    I don't see how anyone except maybe a downs kid could be caught by this.
  20. Owl

    Owl World Feeder

    Your sort of a jerk man.
    That wasnt very nice :confused:

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