Pre 1.2 [GUIDE] How to Make Every Potion in Terraria 1.0.5 + Where to Find All of the Ingredients

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  1. nycimus

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    Thanks everyone for making my first guide relatively popular on YouTube! This was requested a few times, so I decided I'd do it. It's a comprehensive guide on how to create every new buff potion in Terraria, and well as where to find all of the ingredients, and a simple water bottle farming method. Hope you enjoy it!

    My Other Guide If You Haven't Seen It:

    Recap from Video:

    Water Bottle - Stand in a pool of water and craft it from a bottle


    Blinkroot - Grows Naturally in Caves, only gives seeds when fully grown (emitting pulsing light)

    Daybloom - Grows Naturally in Grass, only gives seeds during the day

    Deathweed - Grows Naturally in The Corruption, only gives seeds during blood moon (ouch)

    Fireblossom - Grows on Ash Blocks in the Underworld Area, only give seeds in lava

    Moonglow - Grows naturally on Jungle Grass, only gives seeds at night

    Waterleaf - Grows in Desert biome, only gives seeds if submerged with water


    Archery - Water, Daybloom, Lens

    Battle - Water, Deathweed, Rotten Chunk

    Featherfall - Water, Daybloom, Blinkroot, Feather

    Gills - Water, Waterleaf, Coral

    Gravitation - Water, Fireblossom, Deathweed, Blinkroot, Feather

    Hunter Potion - Water, Daybloom, Blinkroot, Shark Fin

    Invisibility - Water, Blinkroot, Moonglow

    Ironskin - Water, Daybloom, Iron Ore

    Magic Power - Water, Moonglow, Deathweed, Fallen Star

    Mana Regen - Water, Moonglow, Daybloom, Fallen Star

    Night Owl - Water, Daybloom, Blinkroot

    Obsidian Skin - Water, Fireblossom, Waterleaf, Obsidian

    Regen - Water, Daybloom, Mushroom

    Shine - Water, Daybloom, Glowing Mushroom

    Spelunker - Water, Blinkroot, Moonglow, Gold Ore

    Swiftness - Water, Blinkroot, Cactus

    Thorns - Water, Deathweed, Cactus

    Water Walking - Water, Waterleaf, Shark Fin


    Lens - Demon Eye loot

    Rotten Chunk - Eater of Souls loot

    Feather - Harpy Loot

    Coral - Found in Oceans at worlds end

    Shark Fin - Shark Loot

    Iron Ore - Mine iron

    Fallen Star - Collect randomly at night

    Obsidian - make water collide with lava, then mine it

    Mushroom - Grows naturally on grass

    Glowing Mushroom - Grows naturally in the cave layer underground

    Gold Ore - Mine gold

    Cactus - Collect in desert

    Thanks for watching/reading! Hope this helps! :D
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  2. flamedance58

    flamedance58 Cursed Skull

    You don't actually have to be IN water to craft the Water Bottle. You just have to be near it.
  3. confuzzledyma

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  4. Krazykorn

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    Already knew this stuff but thanks for the video! Now I can simple give this link to my friends in which they should be able to do it without asking me constantly on what it takes to make a certain potion :D
  5. nycimus

    nycimus Green Slime

    Thanks! It means a lot. :D
  6. Dxm66

    Dxm66 Demon Eye

    you frogot to show swiftness on the vid minus that verry helpful guide
  7. nycimus

    nycimus Green Slime

    Haha, I totally skipped it. Either way, thanks for the nice comment.
  8. Taimake

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    Just letting you know that Night Owl does nothing, and Ironskin actually gives 10 defense. Try it and see, hehe :3
  9. nycimus

    nycimus Green Slime

    Yeah, I didn't notice anything happening when i used Night Owl, but when it's fixed later, the video will still be valid if I say that it "improves vision at night".
  10. Taimake

    Taimake Green Slime

    Unless it does something completely different~ Though what I'm betting/hoping it does is make light sources more prominent, which would make sense!
  11. MikeyBuilder

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    this guide is wrong, i grew fire blossoms above the underground level. I have 2 rows of fire blossoms submerged in lava in the dirt layer
  12. flamedance58

    flamedance58 Cursed Skull

    I'll second that. You can indeed grow Fireblossoms outside of Hell. Mine's up on the surface with ash being inside a planter made out of glass with a couple buckets of lava in amoung the flowers.
  13. MikeyBuilder

    MikeyBuilder Green Slime

    ^ word brah
  14. nycimus

    nycimus Green Slime

    Hmm. That's interesting, you were right! I couldn't grow the blossom above ground, so I just went with what the wiki said. I'll add an annotation.
  15. nycimus

    nycimus Green Slime

    Hmm. That's interesting, you were right! I couldn't grow the blossom above ground, so I just went with what the wiki said. I'll add an annotation.
  16. flamedance58

    flamedance58 Cursed Skull

    Perhaps you might want to remake it? It is being featured by the Dev Team afterall ^^/ btw congrats on the feature.
  17. nycimus

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    I don't think i'll redo it, but i'll do better on future update guides. By the way, TO isn't run by the Dev-Team. Just trying to avoid confusion.
  18. flamedance58

    flamedance58 Cursed Skull

    Maybe not entirely but the dev team are staff here as well. *points at Blue*

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