Pre 1.2 [Guide] How to set up a Alchemy Station

Discussion in 'Guides' started by CGUdemon, Jan 16, 2013.

  1. CGUdemon

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  2. Gmodlol61

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    Just get banned already
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  3. CGUdemon

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    I may not like what you say but I respect your right to say it, sir ;|
  4. Gmodlol61

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    No, you don't even have a right to stay here as long as you're CLEARLY trying to simply advertise your videos, mind everyone, this guy put up a thread in the guides section explaining on how to CRAFT A PICKAXE, and how long does that take?
    apparently 11 minutes. As long as you are here only to advertise, I assure you even the mods won't exactly side with you.
    If you wish to put up gameplay videos or something else, put it in the videos or lets play section, otherwise you'll only receive more negative comments.
    I do realize that you are utterly desperate to get more views and subscribers, seeing as you have about 300 subs with a whole bunch of videos, but instead of being dumb and spamming your videos everywhere which will obviously result in more hate you should probably realize by now that you're just doing it all wrong and bad, and should clearly change your style.
    Take a look at successful youtubers, write down notes, and come back and thank them later after you get more views after you actually do change your content.
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  5. CGUdemon

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    this one isnt bad its fast and to the point
  6. ChippyGaming

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    These video actually really make me laugh :')
  7. CGUdemon

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    well thank you at least someone enjoyed it
  8. Silverity

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    I dont think he wants more subs, i think he's jsut an EXTREME noob, as he has hallowed armor, but he;s using a cloud in a bottle. not a balloon. and he doesent know if you can make a workbench outside of a house...
  9. rubeszilla

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    This is like tutorials for complete stoners. I can imagine dudes wasted off their faces at 3am playing Terraria and trying to remember how the fuck to make an alchemy station. THIS is the video you go to. BTW, not being offensive, CGUdemon, just having a laugh. You've got a good voice for it.

    I was contemplating making a video guide on the wooden hammer. How actually more efficient it is to use than the Hamdraxe (considering what you need to get either) and other humerous ideas. But I never did. If you could actually add a bit more humour, with that stoner sounding voice, I would probably enjoy your vids more.
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  10. CGUdemon

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    lol thats how I sound normally but thanks for the reply man, and ya ill try and do that.
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