Pre 1.2 Guide: Infinite Obsidian trick

Discussion in 'Guides' started by Scio, May 18, 2011.

  1. Scio

    Scio Green Slime

    While farming enough obsidian to finish my hellfire set I discovered a pretty neat trick to never be forced to return to hell for more lava.

    What you need for this guide to work:
    • A bucket of lava
    • A fairly large lake (that eventually will be drained)
    • Patience
    Step 1
    Find a fairly large lake or mass of water and start digging a tunnel straight down beside it.


    Step 2
    Dig a tunnel towards the lake as close as possible without letting the water in.

    Step 3
    Dig a tunnel two blocks below your feet. This is the tunnel were the water flows towards the lava, you need to make this exactly 14 squares long and at the end opposite of the water you need to dig one square down.


    Step 4
    Place two blocks on each side of your tunnel below you and open it up forming a two square wide hole.


    Step 5
    Pour your bucket of lava down in our newly made hole and break the walls blocking it, this will make the lava cover our tunnel and fill up the little hole we made at the end of it.


    Collect the lava from the small hole at the end of our tunnel.

    Step 6
    Break the wall that is holding the water off and start collecting obsidian.


    Step 7
    Repeat step 3 to 6 and collect infinite amounts of obsidian from a single bucket of lava.

    This will eventually drain the lake if it's not big enough!
    So I suggest you use a lake far from your beautiful home if you dont want a big hole in the ground.

    This works as of patch 1.0.1.


    If this helps you at all just post a thank you in the thread :)

    If you have a better method please post it in and ill edit this post and give you all the credit.

    Now, Shut Up and Dig!
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  2. Gaz

    Gaz Green Slime

    Well done.
  3. 0xFADE

    0xFADE Green Slime

    Thanks. I was planning on dumping a lot of water down my vertical shaft to cover some lava but this would be safer.

    I look forward to seeing how much damage things do to me with full armor and skulls.
  4. Drazath

    Drazath Squirrel

    Brilliant, now I won't have to ruin the nice scenery of the underworld for my obsidian needs. :p
  5. Alethium

    Alethium Green Slime

    Hm, I wanted the obsideon skull, perfect!
  6. Drazath

    Drazath Squirrel

    Ah well I didn't have the patience for it after all; just made a shaft from the edge of the map straight to the underworld and voila, more obsidian than I'll ever need. :D


    That space above was all lava, about three screens' worth.
  7. Herostratus

    Herostratus Green Slime

    This worked brilliantly, thanks for the info, I had a lake only 100 blocks or so from my spawn, so I piped it all the way over to the mine shaft under my base. Now its just a few platforms down to obsidian goodness!
  8. Cruckel

    Cruckel Green Slime

    I am going to use this. Thanks for the guide!
  9. Bob Dole

    Bob Dole Green Slime


    Some messing around with water physics makes these Infinite Water and Lava generators that I'm standing next to. Requirements:
    A bucket
    A block of the liquid you wish to have infinite of

    The little shape my bucket is hovering over that looks like an upside-down Y is the splitter. You pour water or lava into the block up top, it splits it into two half-blocks, each of which you can pick up with your bucket to create.... a full block of liquid! So put one elsewhere and use the other one to restart the splitter. So, infinite liquid. The one to the left of my character is just a convenient shorthand, you dump water in the top, it makes a block of obsidian. You mine it out, then pick up the remaining lava with the bucket, then pour that bucket into the hole again, so it is exactly as full as when you started.
  10. boogieboy90

    boogieboy90 Green Slime

    This made crafting my 1000 hellstone ore much less frustrating.
  11. mokaiba

    mokaiba The Groom

    thats all i did too
  12. Bob Dole

    Bob Dole Green Slime

    Yes well it appears that it's a whole lot faster to use a splitter. I make all the obsidian I need in the home, about 7 clicks to each block of obsidian. My little obsidian factory:
    The liquid blocks to the left are containers for in case I mis-click and spill something. I then use the infinite splitter to full them up again. Infinite resources eff tee doubleyou.
  13. Scio

    Scio Green Slime

    I tried this making a splitter and making the farming more automatic but couldnt get the efficiency that I get with my first method.

    My main problem is that you have to scroll between items so much all the time, you mine one block then you need to start fiddling around with bucket.

    The the method in the first post is 22 clicks for 14 obsidian netting me ~0.64 obsidian per click giving me loads more efficiency and since I found out my lake next to my home is infinite the splitter method just isn't that attractive.

    Each to his own tho.

    ** Even when reusing the same spot filling my cave back with 15 blocks of dirt I get more efficiency then using the splitter method resulting in a total of 37 clicks (counting every block mined and places a click) netting you 0.43 obsidian per click. If you take into accout that filling up the tunnel and remining it really is 1 click each since it's so fast you end up at a really great click per obsidian ratio @ 1.75 obsidian per click.

    Im not that very good at math so im prolly wrong somewhere :>
  14. Bob Dole

    Bob Dole Green Slime

    To each his own indeed.
    For me the appeal of this method was that 1.) you don't have to dig long tunnels (there's barely any set-up at all) 2.) it's truly infinite, there's no chance of the lake running dry on you (I'm still not clear on how your lake is infinite, actually) and 3.) it takes very little space, you can set it up anywhere, esp. convenient if you don't have a lake next to your house (And you don't have to be underground where like, worms can sometimes bother you). Also, if you assign bucket to 1 and pick to 2, you can really get into a rhythm click click 2 click 1 click click click click repeat. Don't remember how long it took me to get all the obsidian for my armor set and bow, but it wasn't long, like a few minutes.
  15. Scio

    Scio Green Slime

    Im not really sure what makes lakes infinite since i've drained the end of the world of water on a few maps and yet on my main map i have a small (~50x50) lake that no matter how much water I use for obsidian or how many buckets I fill the level never drops.

    I think it has something to do with water locks, im investigating but cant reproduce the infinite water source 100% of the times I've attempted it.

    ** Oh and worms dont spawn unless you are in the underground (rocks in the background)
  16. Bob Dole

    Bob Dole Green Slime

    Huh. Well if you have a magic infinite lake then yes it makes more sense to build a bigger construction to try and take advantage of that. This maybe warrants more exploration though, if you could post a screen of the lake? Have you tried duplicating it block-for-block? Or, you know, it could just be a random bug.
  17. dra6o0n

    dra6o0n Cursed Skull

    Infinite water and lava is possible because of the buggy fluid...
    That's how we killed the guide!
  18. Scio

    Scio Green Slime


    It wasnt even that big as I remembered. Top right corner is the bottom floor of my house bottom left is my obsidian grinding factory and this lake is infinite as far as i can tell, mined over 800 blocks of obsidian using that water and it havent dropped a single square.
  19. dra6o0n

    dra6o0n Cursed Skull

    All you need to do is this:
    The x is the drop spot with your bucket
    and you not only duplicate the water or lava, but with the right pacing you can also use it for many things
    like making a ocean of lava above the world (but will take ages of course!)
    Note that there's a occasional bug where lava will spawn when you dupe water, and water will spawn when you dupe lava...
  20. Ryralane

    Ryralane Green Slime

    What do the r's mean?

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