Pre 1.2 Guide to farming Mimics

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  1. Mythril Guy

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    This information came from the official wiki. I do however interpret it into my own words.



    Damage: 80
    Max Life: 500
    Defense: 30

    Mimics are immune to Cursed Inferno and Confused debuffs.

    Mimics are rare enemies found anywhere in the world once enabling hardmode. They can be spawned before hardmode with a Chest statute, but will not dropped items when defeated.

    Mimics will "mimic" regular, gold, and shadow chests to draw the player in and then attack once close enough. They can however be detected by looking closer at the chest and where it is sitting. They spawn as enemies ( in front of background objects ) so if you see a chest in front of a heart crystal or statue they are Mimics. They can also spawn with on one block underneath them or one block in them.

    Obvious_Mimic.jpg This is another way to detect Mimics. If you have built a long bridge underground or in the underworld Mimics spawn on top of it.

    If you use a hunter potion or go down a cavern that you once explored and removed all the chests you will be able to detect it faster and be safe. If you use the hunter potion it is best used when in dark caverns or going down a hellivator. Spelunker potions are for detecting real chests and can not detect Mimics!

    They spawn in the over world ( corruption and hallow ), underground ( corruption and hallow ), and underworld.

    Items dropped by Mimic Rate
    [​IMG] Dual Hook 14.29%
    [​IMG] Magic Dagger 14.29%
    [​IMG] Titan Glove 14.29%
    [​IMG] Compass 14.29%
    [​IMG] Cross Necklace 14.29%
    [​IMG] Star Cloak 14.29%

    They drop one item per death.
    They also drop about 10 gold per death.

    They are easy to kill if near lava because all you have to do is draw them near you with an obsidian skin potion or grapple onto something above the lava and they will die from lava.

    The Mimics are slightly taller and thinner than a normal chest, and do not have a lock (except shadow chest variation).

    Mimics disguised as Gold or Shadow chests will not sparkle, giving them away.

    If I missed anything let me know and I will put it in later. This is not a perfect guide, so please don't try to criticize me as much.
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  2. Blue Lit

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    Nice Work, :)
  3. Stasher92

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    Despite it is rather fascinating piece of information about mimic's behavior in wild nature, and it will certainly be appreciated in wiki (though I think it is already there), it is more simple to build a mimic farm, blueprints for it residing on the forum to be searched for.
  4. Bobrocket


    That is literally just a copy from the wiki..
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  5. Blue Lit

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    i say your Literally just a copy!
  6. Bobrocket


    Pics or it didn't happen.
  7. iNfiniTe Se7eNz

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    They are not aligned with the blocks below them, they are halfway offset.
  8. nababoo

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    Maybe you could add a sprite for the actual chest so we can compare the heights of the two? I never saw the difference :p
  9. Tyralash

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    This is more of a way to tell if it is a mimic or a chest, not an easier way to find them. :/
  10. nababoo

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    To see the difference between the mimics and chests... Not to find them
  11. Mythril Guy

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    Ok hold on.
  12. DerpoTheMagnificent

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    this isn't how to farm at all! this is just info on them.
  13. Razor Knight

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    That doesn't really describe how to farm Mimics, just how to waste hours searching for them normally. Here's what you have to do to actually find them relatively fast:

    1- Make a long platform in hell, just a few blocks above lava will suffice. Can include towers (saving up materials is good.) The longer the platform, the better.
    2- Run from one side of the platform to the other (using speed accessories obviously helps in this.)
    3- Any chest you find on that platform will be, obviously, a Mimic.

    Caveat: Of course, if the RNG hates your guts, then you won't be finding many of them. Me, I found four in a single pass through the platform I had built, often I find two per pass.

    And that's all you need to know to farm the living stuff out of Mimics forever.

    It's. Just. That. Simple. //Nobunaga Oda.
  14. PortalShifter

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    Step 1. Set up a mimic statue on a platform with wired pressure plates underneath.

    Step 2. Stand underneath the platform and kill the mimics.

    Step 3. ???

    Step 4. PROFIT
  15. Dragon4life

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    You get nothing from spawned mimics.
  16. Razor Knight

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    Step 3 would be "go follow the real mimic farming steps once you figure out chest mimics don't give drops."

    Yeah, don't thank me for clearing that out, glad to be of service.
  17. Seth Core and Clarence

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    cool guide so are you putting the normal chest pic?
  18. Mythril Guy

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    Been a while since I've seen this thread and sure results coming up shortly :)

    [merged by blumchen]

    Image is rather small, but if you right click it and save it anywhere, then preview it you'll see the difference.
    The mimic is not lined up with the tiles, giving it away if you payed attention to very, very, very tiny details.
  19. Chickendinner56

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    Nice job, although it just a copy from the Wiki.
  20. Davidfm

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    Question, if I had a statue of the mimic in hardmode will it drop the following items? :D

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